Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Sammie's Birthday Celebration.

Birthday celebration for dearest Sammie 

Kayliss was so excited to see Shernis and she just want to head out in her swimming costume. 
 Now that Grab and Uber are so strict with travelling with young kids,
and after a few bad encounters,
I can only travel in taxis when I am with Kayliss.
I hate taking taxis because most drivers ( from my encounters ) didn't listen to my navigation , and bad attitude despite I was the one paying.
This time, 
the taxi driver who was driving kept yawning and drove recklessly.
Nearly puke because of the way he drove 

I want to head out and look decent at least when I'm out with my kids thus I want to travel in comfort.
If I were to take bus/train with Kayliss, be prepared to sweat as soon as we get out of the house.
Tried soooo many times, like I am looking for a miracle to happen suddenly whereas Kayliss will behave and be obedient

Anyway... Selfies 

Hard Rock Hotel.

Room service first while waiting for the rest to arrive with a surprise for the birthday girl


Gorgeous birthday cake!!!


 Happy birthday Sammie 
Hope you love your present and may you be pretty always!!!

After cutting the birthday cake,
it's time for the kids to go to the pool!

 Kayliss taking selfie with Shernis 

After the swim,
rested for awhile and then it's time to go for dinner!

COCA steamboat at RWS 

Our kids are around the same age so they have no problems communicating and playing together.
Also, now that they're more independent, we as mothers can eat peacefully while they have their meal.

 Honest opinion,
I love HDL more!

The youngest member in our group

Love you girls!

Shernis and Kayliss.

After a long day out,
finally home!
Thanks Sammie for gifts :)


Had such a fun day with my gfs and our kids!

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