Thursday, 1 June 2017

HAPPY 2017 ❤️

HAPPY 2017!!!!
It is already April..... 
Can't believe my last post was in Nov 2016!
Have it been that long since I last blogged??
I used to enjoy blogging so much... 
I kinda lost the motivation to do so as I've been soooo busy with my life, my kids.
Especially with Kayliss.
So when she's awake, I dedicated my time to her.
And when she goes to bed, I'll try to work out, or just chill in bed with a phone in my hand.

Kayliss has graduated from Pre-nursery to Nursery class 
Didn't get as many complains as I was expecting from her teachers.
Maybe because she behaves quite differently in school and at home.
She is such a handful to handle when at home!!!
Making it so difficult for me to get my things done, and my helper to get house chores done
So hyper and so excited over everything, and she is fearless!!!
She has many blue blacks on her limbs because she is very active.
Not kidding.
And because of that, I'd always let Kayliss wear leggings/bottoms over her knees just so it wouldn't be so painful when she hurts herself..
Me and my theory! haha

I thought life will be easier with a helper,
but I was given (blessed) with a super active child.
So active that I am thinking if I should have her in a child care so I can have more free time to get things done,
and my helper to keep my house clean.
But NAH....
Still think it'll be and IT IS THE BEST to take care of Kayliss myself.
even though there are days I wish I can just run away from all the responsibility 

Enrolled the fearless Kayliss for swimming class!
Her first lesson.

I think even the swimming coach is afraid of her... LOL

she turned 4 this May!!
Still can't believe my youngest Kay is now 4..... 

Kayliss gorgeous birthday cake from

Kayliss had a such a great time celebrating in school for her birthday!

Kayliss and her loving and nurturing teachers!!
She loves school so much that she requests to go to bed everyday, even on weekends and school holidays
That's good cos I know at least she's being treated well in school!

Birthday celebration at home with her dad, aunt, and grandma.

A photo with her dearest Eni,
who has been taking care of Kayliss since she's 3 weeks old.

who can't wait to eat the cake.
She was so furious when there was NO CAKE left for her for the Tsum Tsum cake!
I told her i'll have some left for her but who knows the kids in school loved the cake so much that many asked for 2nd serving.

So there was none left for us to bring home!
Last year, I ordered a bigger one and there was more than half left as there was another classmate of hers celebrating with her.
So the kids had 2 cakes to consume.
This year, I ordered a smaller one..
Who knows she's the only one celebrating in her class... so the kids had double servings and so, there as none left lo.

Back to the celebration.....

 One thing I can't deny,
she has an dad who loves her alot!

I wonder what her wishes are.

Kaylene : HURRY UP LA

The cake was so good,
soft and spongy!
Thank u La Petite Artisan for rushing out the cake for me despite the very last min notice!
Have already recommended many of my friends to get their birthday cakes from them.

Celebrating Kayliss's birthday at my parents place.
Kayliss and her ah gong, and the cutie Maeson!

I love them!

When you have kids, you have to take multiple shots to find a few decent ones..

The kids 

My parents had dinner with friends later on that night so the celebration was cut short.
But at least the kids had fun!

Back to my hectic life.

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