Monday, 14 August 2017

JJB x SANRIO Hello Friends B.F.F bag.

I have always been a big fan of Sanrio !
My Melody, Badtzmaru, and Hello Kitty especially, are my favorite characters!!
Even though I'm growing older, I'm still young at heart ok.

Can't contain my excitement when I know that JUJUBE is collaborating with SANRIO, 
For the past one year, I have been poisoned by this JUJUBE craze
I love how wearable the diaper bags from JUJUBE are, with the colorful prints. and washable materials.
Waterproof too!!
I have never ever imagine that I'll be so into them, until I started with one.
And the fact that Kaylene and I can share the bags because she loves them too,
I don't feel guilty with all that spending!

The JUJUBE x SANRIO Hello Friends B.F.F bag is so pretty IRL,
much prettier than I've expected!

 I love how vibrant the colors of the Sanrio characters is over the grey base.

The interior of the bag is of a gorgeous blue shade!

And the cutest of it all, 
The ribbon hardware!!!!

JUJUBE B.F.F diaper bag is my favorite style!
Other than Hobobe, Be Sporty, Be Quick....
Even though there's a weight to it before anything is being packed into it, 
I still love it because of its structure.

 JUJUBE x SANRIO Hello Friends will be launching on
15 Aug 2017 at 3pm
THANK YOU BINKY BOPPY for this gorgeous JUJUBE x SANRIO Hello Friends B.F.F diaper bag!!!!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


I have been a avid supporter of JUJUBE x TOKIDOKI, starting this year.
Started late on this game, but it's never too late for anything in life
Super love the prints of Tokidoki!!
Kaylene is the one who introduced me to them, and also, when I saw how cute the bags were IRL, I know I have to get them!
I've been addicted ever since.
At least Kaylene and I are sharing common interest and we can share the bags too!!

Super ecstatic when I was being invited to the Trunk show of JUJUBE SEAPUNK, 
organised by BINKY BOPPY!
My 1st time there, and the experience was great!!
It was very well-organised!
The place was spacious enough to have all of, with a play area for the kids,
 so mummies got to shop for the bags they desired while the kids played.

I went with nothing specific in mind, but when I saw the prints in real life,
They were sooooo gorgeous!!!

Be Sporty

 I love the pink interior 

Be Quick

Interior of the Be Quick is the combination of pink and white strips.

Couldn't contain my excitement and wanna wear every single piece after purchasing them!!
 Tried to take a photo of some of the items !

Itty Bitty Be for my youngest.

Coin purse for Kaylene.

 And her Be Set

We had such a fun time there!
Happier to know that Kaylene also had a great time there, and got pieces for herself.
At my expense of course

Thank U BOPPY BINKY for having me and my girls 

If u are crazy & obsessed over JUJUBExTOKIDOKI, the SEA PUNK series is definitely your current must-have!! Who can resist the prints and the Colour combinations of SEA PUNK!!! 
Definitely not me 😂😂😂 
Have already got a few items on the list, and I wished I could own every single one in this collection. ‼️
Now, one lucky mummy can get to win a SEA PUNK BFF sponsored by Binky Boppy!!!! ‼️
Head over to 
to see how u can win yourself one!