Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Kayliss 1st school outing & ND celebration in school ✌️

3rd Aug,
Kayliss's 1st field trip with her teachers and classmates, to the Farmart.
Even though I was quite worried, I decided to let her go.
I remembered I used to disallow Kaylene to go for any outings with the school UNLESS I can follow. Until she was in k1.
The staff told me, 
"Kaylene's mummy, it's ok one. Don't worry, Kaylene has to learn to be independent."
So she kinda miss out 2 years of outings since she attended school since pre-nursery, and her missing in those outings' photos.
So this time, I told myself to let Kayliss go for the school outing.
Since teachers have told me they see improvements in Kayliss's behavior and she has been listening to instructions well.
So yea...

Mosquito repellent stickers everywhere on her attire. haha!

Eni fetched her from school after the outing and told me Kayliss was so happy!!

She also came home with a box of eggs
So glad she enjoyed herself.
Even though I hope to join them for her next outing

8th Aug.
National Day celebration in school for the kids.

Since the celebration was held in Kaylene's school,
I told her to wait for me in school so she can join us to watch Kayliss's performance.

Kayliss was so shy, and awkward.

Told Kaylene to go snap a photo of Kayliss as I've already got myself seated and she came back with this photo...

The cutie pies on stage!!

You also have Resting bitch face.. Same like mama.

They so all so cute 

Eni's hair..
but that was the only photo of us 4.

Love you !!

Wanted to go for DTF for lunch for the Q was long and need to wait another hr for food.
Can't let my babies go hungry so we went next door,

Yummy meal!!

When you are a mum, you can't even shop in peace.
true for me.

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