Wednesday, 9 November 2016

From Black to PINK hair :) + Eptamil for Kayliss

Finally able to blog.
Ever since my last blog post, my computer decided to go crazy again.
I never have the luck with gadgets and I cannot be bothered to fix them.
But anyway, it has finally been fixed and I am here :)

If you are here reading my blog, thank you for still that.
I miss blogging and I feel good to be back blogging....
I used to love doing it as an online diary for me.
Until it became such a scary thing.
Sometimes, I do fear to even start it.
But you know what?
I know I love doing it, and I will continue to do it.

So if you are still here supporting me. thank you very much.

Nov is such a busy month for me.
With the birthday celebrations for Kaylene, Kayson, and my parents!
It's a month of getting fat.
So many birthday cakes


One day,
I woke up and decided to go P I N K....
Most of my friends are surprised by my drastic change I made for my hair, as I usually stay within the black, brown hair color.
I just feel that I should do what I want since.... YOLO!
So if you want to do something. 
As long as you don't harm others :)

So yah...
My hairstylist, who's also my gf from
did the pink on the base of my hair so it wouldn't be so POP.. 
She's afraid that I might not like the bright color since I have been having black and brown hair color all these while.
But I didn't really how it looks so I went back and this time, I went all PINK.
She also added in Rose gold color...

And TADA....

I really really love my hair color!
To be honest, I am afraid to go this bright and light because I do fear how others will look at me.
Especially when I am always out with my 2 ( sometimes 3 ) kids.
And now that my son is taller than me.
It's like EXTRA attention
I was telling my mum and sis about it, and we were all laughing about me being an AH LIAN again.
I do thought of going back to black/brown hair color sometimes, and there are days where I got stunned by myself when I looked into the mirror.
Like I forgot I have pink hair until I looked in the mirror.
but now that its almost 4 weeks into having PINK hair, 
I love it more each day.
I have yet to touch up my hair color, and it's looking pretty ok even though the pink has faded quite abit.
 I tried to wash my hair once every 2 days, and dry shampoo on alternate days for the first week, as it's not recommended to wash daily in order to preserve the hair colour,
I'm someone who sweat pretty much, and also, I workout almost daily!
So I do wash my hair daily, and used a pink conditioner to preserve the hair color.
And also using extra drops of hair oil to moisture the ends!

My gf did a fantastic job :)
So if you are interested to experiment with colors for your hair,
check out her Instagram page

The day after dying my hair pink,
I got to bring Kayliss to have her yearly check up with Dr Chua at KKH.
Kayliss kept saying
" Mummy hair, pink color."

Everything went well for the consultation.
She has put on weight, like finally!!!
She has been maintaining her 10-11kg ever since she turns 1.
From what the Dr told me, it's normal for breastfeeding babies to be lighter than babies who are on milk powder after they turn 1.
And it's okay since Kayliss has been eating well, and frequently throughout the day.
I don't know how true that is but at least that's the assurance I got from the Dr.

I've stopped breastfeeding Kayliss after 3 years and she is now drinking Aptamil, since July.
(kindly sponsored)
After 3 years of breastfeeding, I know I have to stop breastfeeding eventually.
Such a bitter-sweet moment.
Months before I stopped, I consulted Dr Chua and asked what I have to prep in order to have a smoother transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding(or alternatives) for Kayliss.
She gave me a few samples of milk powder, and also suggested fresh milk.
Either in cup, or bottle. Whichever way is okay for me and Kayliss.
I have also purchased 2 brands of milk powder to let Kayliss try and she HATED them.
It was immediately rejected after a sip  

I managed to let Kayliss go to bed without latching for a few days and gradually stopped breastfeeding her in May.
Ever since then, for 2 months, she didn't drink milk because despite all the tries,
she rejected them.
I told myself to give Kayliss time to drinking the milk powder (it's not cheap to buy lor) and since she is eating well, should be okay to do without drinking milk powder for the time being.
Until she tried Aptamil Junior Gold+.
Sounds too good to be true but it's true.
I don't know what it is, but my kids love it!
Even Kaylene who has been drinking fresh milk, is drinking Aptamil Junior Gold+ now.

Aptamil Junior Gold+ with Pronutra+ contains:
  • 132mg DHA^, which is closest to helping your child meet the World Health Organization (WHO) daily recommended DHA intake#.
  • Patented Prebiotic Blend&, Zinc, and Iron help support your child’s natural defences
  • Calcium helps to support development of strong bones and teeth and Vitamin D helps calcium absorption
  • Goodness of cow’s milk & 17 essential vitamins & minerals to support growth & development
  • No sucrose

And hor, I have tried to let the kids finish up the previous milk powder which Kayliss rejected and they immediately knew the difference.
Kaylene even complained why the milk taste different!
So end up, their grandmother are drinking the milk powder now while the girls are enjoying Aptamil Junior Gold+.
So mummies who are interested, you can get sample to try 

After the check up...

Kayliss is now a doctor to her animals pets...

After a long day out in school, and about...
Such an angel when sleeping, but devil when awake.
But nevertheless. I still love her so much.

Can't believe it's already Nov, 
a month more to go and it's Christmas, and then it's 20-17.

This year has been a tough year for me.
I cried I laugh I drank I put on weight..
Especially thankful to those who stay by me.
They said you see the clearest during the darkest, if you get it.
It's true.

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