Thursday, 11 August 2016

Kayliss dental visit at Petite Smile 😊

Kayliss needed to visit the dentist for her follow up... 
So I booked the appt after Eni is back from Indo.
I kinda rely on her for that physical support whenever it comes to my kids, because she has been with me since Kayliss is 3 weeks old, til now.
And for every appt I made for my kids with the dr/dentist, she has been with me and my kids.
So I am used to having her ard.
Also, I feel so helpless when my kids are at a vulnerable position and yet there is nothing I can do to help...
So her presence is very much needed!

Kayliss's supporters.

Back to see Dr Ng!

We have been seeing Dr Ng for prob a year?
Initially, Kaylene was the one seeing her for her over-bite.
I really like her because she is so cheerful and has a smile on her face always!!
Not to mention, she is patient and gentle with the kids too.
So I booked an appt with her for Kayliss too, and see her at her clinic instead of KKH as the cost is the same and less waiting time!

When Kayliss first started seeing her, 
She cried so badly..
But now, she loves her so much.

She surprised all of us when she went up the seat all by herself, and listened to the instructions given by Dr Ng.
And was so cooperative!!
No fuss no cries....
Did I mentioned Kayliss has had her 4 front teeth extracted since they were badly decayed.
And 4 silver crowns on the decayed tooth.
I still haven't figure out the exact reason why.
Since she was still waking up in between the night for feeding.
Or because she loves to keep food in her mouth for a period of time, like apples, cereal, bread... etc.
Those have quite high sugar content.
It's kinda sad because I told myself to breastfeed as long as I can not just because of the benefits of breastfeeding,
but also because I do not want to bottle feed Kayliss with milk powder due to the face that both Kayson and Kaylene had decays at the age of 4-5 despite me having them brush their teeth before bed time.
Despite the prevention, it still happened.
And Kayliss was only age 2 plus.
But Dr Ng assured me that she'll be ok as she'll have another set of teeth few years later/
Prob will only affect her pronunciation with the S...
but it's not much of a big deal.
So I can tell myself it's better to just be bo-gay for now then for the rest of her life.

Happy kids at the dental clinic.

Kayliss is so much braver than Kaylene.
Next appt will be Kaylene's and she kept trying to delay it.

after the dental appt,
I went to meet up with dearest May for dinner and beer before going home to my kids 

Even though it's a short one,
Enjoyed the catching up session with this gorgeous one 

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