Wednesday, 15 June 2016

2nd week of JUNE.

It's already mid of June!
Another 2 weeks to go before school reopens and I already can't wait for kids to return back to school.
Trying to keep my sane despite the noise pollution in the house almost 24/7.

Kaylene's aunt (ya, but with age difference of only 1 year ), Michele, came over to have their girls' date at my place.
 They are such a cute duo.
Seems like they have endless topics and sooo busy with their stuffs in Kaylene's room.

Over the weekends,
my gfs brought their kids over and had a stay-over 
 Before playing with their gadgets,
they already had fun at the playground.
Kids these days are so fortunate.
My era, the gadget I were playing was probably only that TAMAGOTCHI.

Since the kids are around the same age, 
it didn't take too long for them to mingle and play together.
I think it's so much easier & lesser stress for us mummies to talk while the kids play in a safe environment, like at home!
At least from my part, I feel less stress when my kids play at home vs when we are out.
I get anxiety attacks pretty easily when I am out with my kids in public.
Especially when people stand too close to me, and my kids.
And because of that, I will sweat profusely and get severe mood swings. 
I mean I still do, just that it is not as bad as before.
Which is why now even though it is the June Holidays, I didn't bring my kids here and there for play-dates.
Just thinking of that exhaust me.
But I will bring my kids to USS soon with my helper as she's returning to Indo for 3 weeks to celebrate Hari Raya with her family.
So I wanna bring her and my kids to play rides.

Kayliss gave me a scare the other day!!
 That freaking huge swell!
She was jumping here and there, missed her step and fell right on the floor!
It really scare the hell out of me...
That I couldn't stop crying right after I picked her up from the ground.
Kaylene quickly comforted me by telling me not to look at Kayliss, and then she turned to ask my helper.
"Eni, is this the biggest BALUKU in the world."
Kids and the things they say.

Anyway, the swell went down after I did cold compressing on it.

The cheeky girl!!
 And then few days later, she fell down and hit the same area on her forehead again.
Brought her to the Dr the very next day to make sure she is OK.

Luckily, Kayliss is fine.
Seriously, this Kayliss really gives me heart attack everyday.
Tooo hyper active.
I used to say that my 2 older kids are active.
this Kayliss is really the hyper active one.
Thank god I have my helper to help me.....

My helper cooked this for me one of the noon.
 Told her I wanna eat fried potato and she did this..
Heart shaped one somemore.
So sweet
Don't think I can find another helper as thoughtful, and loving to my kids as her.

Kayliss suntanning while playing her toys.

Brought Kaylene out for her piano class, to spend 1-1 time with her too.

Cute Snapchat filters!

 We did some shopping after her piano class ended.
The fun part of having a girl
Hope she will still want to shop with me when we both grow older.

And played at the swing before we went home. 

Steamboat with my friends the next day!
#07-10/11, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Central Road, 

 Wanted to go to HAI DI LAO but the Q was long.
So we went to try at this new steamboat place and surprisingly, the soup is tasty and good.
Ingredients are fresh too!!
Definitely worth trying.
Movie date after dinner!!!

Love these girls !!

Another day of steamboat
26 Liang Seah Street

 We ordered so much more ingredients but too hungry to stop and take photos.
So yah.
Full of ingredients!!
 Really love the tomato soup!!
Service is also very good at this place...
Ingredients are fresh too!
And I love that it's not steamboat buffet kind cos I don't think it's worth to bring kids to any buffet since kids don't really eat that much.
so yah!

Kids having fun at the arcade..

And this......
 So happy to see the kids happy
I also had a great time with my gfs 
Can't be more happy with my life right now.
Healthy, Happy,
And having my kids & great gfs with me.

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