Monday, 9 May 2016

Mother's Day dinnerS ❤️‍

It was supposed to be Kayliss's belated birthday dinner, but it turned out to be a Mother's Day dinner.
I really had enough of cakes cos I've been eating the remaining of Kayliss's 2 birthday cakes for the past few days 

And also, my sis couldn't get one since we had the arrangement at the very last minute.
My sis and I are already very used to my parents, esp my mum's roti prata timing!
So yea....

Since the following day is MOTHER'S Day,
we decided to just let this be a Mother's Day dinner!
Super last min... Which is pretty normal for my family.

NAN HUA CHANG Seafood Restaurant 
Block 462 Crawford Lane, #01-69/71, 190462

Here is my LAO BU...
Fat and Cute!

My daddy dearest and the cheekiest one in the house.

Cutie Maeson!!
He's gonna have a baby brother joining him this year :)
So excited for my pretty aunt!

Here for the Fish head steamboat. 
 My mum ordered other parts of the fish. Not sure which though.
The soup is the bomb!
Dishes for the dinner.

 The dinner was so good and even better when it's with the family.
This time with my BIL, with my 2 uncles and his family too

Bil bought Kayliss a KUNGFU PANDA plush as her birthday gift..
So cute!!

Thank u Mark :)


Angbaos from my dad and my MIL for Kayliss's birthday 

On Mother's Day....
I managed to have my breakfast peacefully.
 Usually , when I'm eatng.
Kayliss will come to me and ask for milk.
(still breastfeeding.)
Aiya, as long as I am within her sight... I cannot do anything peacefully one.
Now that she's 3, I'm slowly training her not to do that by having my helper by her side when she's having her meal so she wouldn't come to me for milk.
I have even tried to not stay with her for 2-3 days but after seeing me,
So... just let nature takes its course.

Out to MIL house.

 Now that Kayliss is older, she is more willing to listen to my instructions.
Most of the time, she is super active and super wormy.
Cannot stop moving one!

After dropping the girls there, I went to get Mother's Day cake and also a gift for her.
I also bought myself this

And since it's the exam week, 
Kaylene wanna revise so mummy got to side by her and do mummy's duty even though it's MOTHER's DAY.

I think I am much more better now as a mother.
Not as in I am a good or prefect mum.
But I think I am managing it well so far.
I used to be really stress and tense when it's the spelling, test, exam week.
Tense til I get so upset and mad when my kids didn't do well during revision and didn't score well for their exams.
Slowly, I felt that I became a monster mum!
Cos each time I feel so tense, I will take it out on my kids....
But after what happened to Kayson, I realized kids will naturally do well as long as they are not being stressed and being scolded to study.

Kaylene is in p3 now and I have yet to start her on any tuition, unlike most of her peers.
Even Kayson started tuition when he was in p3.
I just told Kaylene she should study on her own as it's her own results she will be using for her studies and work life in future.
I can only remind her that it's spelling, test, exam week.
It's up to her whether she wants to study.
But don't cry when she doesn't score well..... cos it's her responsibility to study...
If she needs any tuition, I will engage a tutor for her.
That's only if she asked..
So yea, so far so good.
Not A1, but on passing line.
So it't not bad already la!!

Back to the Mother's Day dinner.
Cake before we went out.
Surprisingly, good and refreshing :)

Dinner here!
6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-128A/128B, Marina Square, 039594

Very EXPENSIVE Carrot cake, 
So yummy la!!

I'm a SOUP person and very particular about it..
This is soooo good :)

There are 5 different sauces to go along with the Pek Jing Duck.

 The Mr did all the ordering so I don't know the name of the dishes.
But all taste really good...
I don't take sotong so I don't know how that tasted like.
For the most part, it's delicious.
For the price, it has to be la!

And we were all soooo FULL by the end of the dinner.
Can't even finish the food.

Complimentary longevity buns.

Happy people :)

Kaylene was freezing haha!

And enjoying her dessert.
She's such a girly girl.
Must always have dessert for one of her meals/to end her meal.

Love her sooo much!!!

Kayson's dessert.
Which I was too full to even try....

Went home right after dinner as Kaylene said she need to revise for her Maths Test which is on the next day.
So home we went.

And Kayliss insisted to take photo with the Mother's Day gift she did for me in school, 
with the help of her teachers :)

There's a heart shaped cookie too!!

Took this before we went to my mum's place, 
and I need to have this photo developed as the teachers wanna consolidate the photos and have them display in the school compound.
Kaylene had already gave me the rose ( petals which can be used as soap to wash my hands) she bought in school many days prior to Mother's Day, 
And she came home with this Mother's Day card for me today

Ultra sweet.

My kids make the home messier, floor dirtier, house noisier.. 
But when they call me M O T H E R , all those doesn't matter 
❤️ ‪
I love them with all my life ~

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