Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar :)

* not really related to this post.  
> Getting back into the groove to loading photos and updating this space of mine.
I have yet to go get a new laptop.. though I've been complaining that I NEED to since my this lao pok pok doesn't allow me to load photos from my iphone to this laptop.
Maybe only 1/20 times I tried.
But I'm actually quite amazed by how "tough" my laptop is since I have poured water all over the keyboard by accident and it still works fine..
Just that it's super lag and didnt't allow me to load photos from only my iPhone.
Despite it giving me problems, I really love this laptop.. maybe bcos it has been with me for coming 6 years?
I'm sentimental just like that. haha!!
Another reason why I have yet to go get another laptop is because the Mr has built me a computer.
with gorgeous ombre lighting on my keypads.
But since I've moved and the computer is over at the inlaws place... I rarely go back there.
And also because I've yet to find a study desk which I like to place it in my new place.
So yea, very alibaba..
haha! .. *

Ok done.

I'm hooked to this show!!!
I am never into K drama as just like some of the Taiwan shows I've watched, i find them quite draggy.
So it's like, 1st 2nd episode and I'm out.
But this show.........
It is super good.

I started watching only after the show has ended airing on the TV and I finished the show in 3 days.
I don't even bear to watch the last 2 episodes as I don't want it to end.
And the reason why I started watching is because I find Song Hye-kyo so damn gorgeous!!
She's such a natural beauty and look so pretty with such light make up....
I also ended up LOVING Song Joong-ki, so charming!!!!
Red-outline heart icon

I went to search for the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar that SHK wore in the show and managed to get this 2 shades, by the help of my sis who got them in KOREA for me :)
# 11, and # 14.

My sis only managed to get these 2 shades for me.
There's another shade  available but is so similar to # 14 thus I didn't get it.

For more info :

In # 11

Look at how gorgeous SHK is and the pretty lip color on her.

To be honest,
I don't know what to expect from this lip color.. The yellow tone in this lipbar kinda intimidates me but after swatching it on my hand, 
it's not that vibrant as it is on the tube, and not as obvious as I thought it'll be.

I can't stand it when the other shade in the lipbar got onto the lighter shade so I clean it off right after using.

My Lip Condition
* Pigmented
* Dry 

Right after applying.
  ( My face is not symmetrical and I know it. )

Not as easy to apply as you can see,
there are lip color on the edges of my mouth.
I expected it to be as I have quite thick lips and the lip bar seems to be quite thin.
 Pressed my lips together instead of blending it with my fingers.
 and it looks like I applied a sheer layer of lipstick on my lips.
Don't look like two tone lipstick on my lips at all.

With no face make up ( do note that I have eyelash extensions on ) and under natural sunlight,
Makes my skin looks more forgiving than it looks in real life.

With full face make up,

And since my lips are quite pigmented, I lined them with a nude liner and the color didn't quite show up.


Even though I didn't get the gradient lip color as I expected the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar to be,
 I kinda like how this lip color looks on me.
The shade is very forgiving and compliments my yellow based skin tone,
and makes me look a tad fairer.
I will not purchase other shades from this range as I can find similar shade of lipgloss at a much affordable price.
I got it for SGD$30 each.
And also, it's not very long lasting.
I am someone who drink alot of water thus probably 2 hours after applying, the color is pretty much gone.
So yea.

I'm going to rewatch the Descendants Of The Sun and drool over the gorgeous couple.

Have a great day all!!!

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