Friday, 6 May 2016

Kayliss's 3rd Birthday ❤️

Thanks to FB memories,
I have photos to look back on :)

3 years ago, 
having to be warded on the 4th May 2013, due to the irregular contractions.

All I can say is...
it was a pain and torture!

After a night of staying in the hospital to monitor my irregular contractions, 
to having the gynae have my waterbag burst the following morning,
to have intense and painful contraction after,
Kayliss is finally born!!!
Weighing 3.5kg, 49cm!

how time flies!!

She's now 3 and already attending school > pre-nursery!
She went to bed at 9pm and slept through the night, waking up for only one latch.
Which is fantastic!!

Just wake up look.
Early morning got to wake up for school...

The night before,
The birthday cake of Kayliss was delivered to us.
I am so impressed with the work of La Petite Patisserie!
I have ordered from June before for Kaylene's birthday cake last year!!
Besides it looking gorgeous,
its yummy too!!
Thus, I went back to her with another two orders, both for Kayliss's birthday :)

Filmed Kayliss's reaction to seeing her cake 
(Since she was asleep when the cake was delivered to our place at 10pm.)

Celebration in her school ^^

The singing of birthday song in her school with her cute classmates :)

There is another girl in her class celebrating her birthday which we only know after we stepped into the class ...
But it's ok la ( i used to be quite petty over this but now that I am older OLD now, it's ok la!)

The Y slide off the plate.,.. LOL

 Class photo before the cake cutting....

OMG they are alll soooo cute!!!!!

can cut cake already :)

The gorgeous birthday cake !!

Requested for oreo flavour and it's yummy!
Not too sweet too!

 Short celebration but it brought so much joy to my Kayliss
She happy, mummy daddy also happy!!

In the evening
While waiting for her daddy korkor and grandma to come over :)

 La PETITE sent this 2nd cake over at 630pm and Kayliss can't stop admiring her birthday cake!

In her little "hut".

Bought this set of table and chairs from IKEA for only $19.90.
Such a steal!

The gorgeous birthday cake ❤️❤️❤️

Why Fluttershy out of of all the My Little Pony ponies?
Because it's Kayliss's current favourite :)

She can't stop touching her cake :)

Celebrating with the family.... 


Seeing her sooo happy makes me soooo happy too!!!

Her daddy brought her a new Fluttershy plush :)

For the pony cake,
I opted for Lychee flavor.
And it tasted so good.. refreshing and light!

The fondant icing of these 2 are tooo cute to be eaten....

Kayliss enjoying herself with the "toys"....

Even though it's just with the family, it's such a joyous one.
The smile on Kayliss, and my 2 elder kids' face, they complete my life.
I am nothing but thankful.
All I want is for my kids to always be happy, be kind & be healthy!!!

Love this cheeky one forever...

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