Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Happy Moments.

Cos it's the June holidays....
YEAH to not having to crawl out of bed at 545am *yawn* for me,
and 530am for my Kaylene.
Yup, Kaylene wakes up earlier than me and gets ready for school by herself before she wakes me up...
I'm just very grateful to have such responsible baby girl who is quite independent...
She will gets her stuffs needed prepared and ready by herself and rarely asks me for help...
Good for this lazy mummy!!
Collected her school report card for her SA1 results and I'm quite pleased with her results considering the fact that she self-study.
I don't wanna send her for extra classes to give her any more stress cos she is already spending half a day in school,
and then to have more classes...
Oh my!!
I have learnt my lesson from my eldest and I do not want my girl to go through that...
I don't want to go through that myself too!!
I just think we should trust our kids to be able to study and score for their own examination.

Ok enough of that.
Kaylene was selected by her teacher ( it's all p2 students performing and then, there is another dance for the selected p3s to perform ) to participate for the Indian Dance performance for the NY Gems Concert '16 last sat.
Proud of my baby girl because I am sure she did her best 

> Just a short clip of her on stage..

& I am so in love with her gorgeous make up done by the teacher and Parents volunteers.
They did such a great job!
I told her she looks like those ่ดตๅฆƒ.
So cute.

As for Kayliss.
The PTM went great..

Listening to the teachers telling me how & what Kayliss was doing in class, with photos,  for this past 5 months made me realized how big girl my cheeky Liss is already.
I'm sooo glad she enjoys class and how independent she is considering that she's only 3.
No cries n fuss, just that she wants to stay longer in school despite it's time to go home
So proud of my baby Liss!!

Helper helped us took some photos while waiting to see the teachers,

It's ok to not have Instagramhubby... I have a InstagramEni. haha!

Thai food for lunch just nearby the school.

Yummy tom yum soup!!


The week before,
we were invited by Angeline to celebrate her son's full month celebration
One of the kindest people I know in my life 
So happy for her!
(*pls ignore the repeated outfit for Kayliss as it's her current fav dress :p )

The dessert bar is sooo nicely decorated!

I don't even bear to eat the desserts cos they are sooo cutely made!


My dearest sis and her cheeky niece.

This is sooo sweet.
My sis loves my kids sooo much!!
 We had such a good time there despite the humid weather....
But food and company was great so heck la.

The box of cakes with cute designs..

 Saved them all for my baby girl who was with her dad for the Sunday.
And when she came home, 
she did this for me 
Love her !
To end this blog post.

Bedrock Bar & Grill
96 Somerset Road, #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard 
Singapore 238163

For dearest Sam Birthday Lunch with my gfs!


This is good too!!!

I had such a rough moment before meeting the girls for lunch because my new shoes is such a bitch for giving me blisters ( which is still healing now ) and I was sweating like mad when I reached....
But seeing the girls just made me feel so much better.
So mushy but true...
Love u girls!
So thankful to have u girls in my life!

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