Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Date with my Sis :)

Whenever my sis is in town, we will meet up 99% of the time.
And usually it will be me, my 2 girls and my helper.
But this day, I went to meet her with only Kayliss as Kaylene needed to practice her piano pieces before she goes for her lesson.
So I got my helper to stay home with Kaylene while I head out with Kayliss.
I'm someone who has to get things ready the night before as 
In the past, I'll be so hard on myself that I will break down and cry if I ever forget the things needed.. haha!
But now, I'm slightly better.
Especially when it's not easy to handle Kayliss who has mild ADHD.
I really cannot be too hard on myself as many times I really feel like I'm going to break down since she needed so much of my attention....
I can only tell myself I'm so blessed already.
So just suck it up and smile

 I can only give Kayliss these hard covers books, with colorful prints and simple words as I can never get her to sit and finish a book...
So these will keep her entertain for just awhile

Took these photos to show my sis that I am ready and prepared to bring Kayliss out on my own,
and she asked me if I'm going to a camp or something.
I even brought along the ring sling to sling Kayliss just in-case she doesn't wanna be in the pram, and also a nursing cloth, just in-case she wanna latch, and just in-case she's cold.
I think all mummies are like that la...
We just want to make sure our kids are well protected at all times.
The weather is soooo humid and hot that I sweat right after I got out of the shower.
Really.... ARGHHH!!
I bought a portable fan but I don't dare to use it anymore after seeing news of it exploding.
So scary!!
Make me sweat even more when I have to handle this cheeky pie on my own, especially now that I don't drive anymore.
Cannot hide in my car when she started to fuss

 My lil snake baby :)

Enjoying the chocolate bread I bought which was declined by the girl who was crying at the control station.

Such a headache to look after,
but too cute for me to be angry for long.

Such a poser.

Starbucks ONE FOR ONE..

Her look when asking for COFFEE.

Just like mummy, she loves shopping

"Coffee please..."

Selfie in the lift.

Got to let Kayliss have the ipod if not,
I am sure I will not even have the time to breath.

At Plaza Sing,
to have dinner with my parents :)

Kaylene decided she wants Mcdonalds so she went to have them on her own..
My big baby girl.

And when the grandparents are around,
my kids surely get ice-cream!

Smiley girl as she got a new watch!

Her new watch in her current favorite color.

And here is mine.
Love G-shock watches are they are so affordable and easy to match with.

Was at the train station earlier that day when I saw a girl who is around Kaylene's age, in her school uniform, 
using the phone at the control station by the gantry.
The guy behind her was not compassionate at all, almost over-passing her just to check on some stuffs regarding locations
I remembered that irritating look on his.
I noticed her crying,
and I went up to her after she left the counter and sat on the floor....alone.
I told my sis and we went up to her to ask her if she's ok.
She told us that she was supposed to wait for her sis but after waiting for an hour, she didn't turn up.
So she has to call her dad but her dad told her to wait as he was busy.
I told her she can use my hp to call her dad again as I see no help given from the staffs at the station, No one accompanied her even though they knew the situation.
I guess they think she's ok..
She declined and also refused to take the bread & water I bought for her from 7-11 while telling my sis to stand close by to make sure she is ok.
Which I think is the right thing for the girl to do.
What if I'm a bad person? What if I drugged her food?
Just like how I warn Kaylene each time to never accept anything from strangers, and if she were to ever get lost in the mall,
always go to the Information Counter to call me and not to talk to anyone else!!
I have given her a hp now because it makes contacting her so much easier.
But of course, I try my best to make sure and hope that I don't ever have to let her go through that...
But I'm not willing to take any chances.. u know?
I just feel sad as I have a daughter too,
and I do not like it when kids have to go through that.
Be upset and scare.
Yayaya, kids these days are being over-protected!
But so what.
There are sooo many things they have to face in future so we should love them even more now because we might not be able to protect them in future..
That is how I feel.
the girl went to call her dad again after almost 20mins of wait, before she ran off.
My sis chased after her and she told her she will be going to her dad's school to look for him.
And she ran off.
I feel we should at least make sure she is back with her dad but she ran off...
At least we did our part to make sure she is ok within our sight...
Well well....

And I got to say...
Even though we didn't get to eat the egg tarts that we wanted to buy at Centrepoint ,
( I don't eat egg tarts but my sis and kids LOVE them! )

and got stuck in the rain as Centrepoint is currently having renovation in the mall and had the underground pass to Orcahrd Gateway closed,
I met a nice guy who opened the path for me to take the lift at Dhoby Ghaut station as the lift is located at such a tight area with many people Q-ing to take the train.
Really, that is good Karma

And this lil missy.
Just is very attached to me... 

When I looked at her,
she said
"Tired. Mummy, tired.."
And off I went to put her to bed..

Had such a tiring but fun day out.
Always love quality spent with my dearest family!!!

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