Wednesday, 4 May 2016

C'EST Moi, Colour for Kids.

Kaylene & I headed out to town for a surprise for her....
Level 6,
176 Orchard Road 
S 238843

Kindly invited by Belle to visit C'EST MOi, 
 products for kids make up and skincare.

 Formulated using skin loving ingredients and fresh fruits cells, not containing chemicals present in adult cosmetics,
 the products are safe and allergy-free for our kids to use!
age 4-12 years old.
Its also suitable for adults, especially those with sensitive skin,
One of the biggest boo-boo in my life is to have kids use adults make up!
Since there are chemical used to formulate the make up, it's not safe for the kids to use since they have such delicate skin.

Even though I am a make up junkie,
I have never allow my kids (especially Kaylene ) to play with my make up despite them wanting to.
I even have to buy a set of fake make up toys for Kaylene just to pacify her!
Managed to find the video of it, which is in year 2012. She was only 5 and already such a vainpot.

Even as she is older now, at a age where she wanna explore more than just fake make up,
 I didn't allow her to own any make up products because I've not found one which is safe for kids!
I remembered I got so angry with the school teachers for putting on make up on my child for their graduation performance, and class photo.
Blue eye shadow, with bright red lips.
Their reason
"Never put not nice cos the kids will look very pale."

OK... then at least get something that is safe for the kids to use.
I do not want my kids, and other kids to ever have to go through the suffering from allergies and breakout due to the make up...
I can finally have a peace of mind to let Kaylene do her face make up, knowing that she, 
and other kids can have their face dolled up with C'EST MOi products, safe and allergy free!

They have a wide range of cosmetics for face, for eyes, for lips, and even for nails!!!

Kaylene is sooo happy when she knows that she can finally own her own set of make up!!
She kept asking me,
"Mummy, really? I can use make up already"
She had such a hard time choosing what she wants.. haha!

I tried to help her with the make up but she decided to venture on her own while I wait.


Even Kayliss wanna try the cosmetics too.
But made a mess out of it obviously.

While jiejie continues with the swatching of make up on her hand.

After a round of testing and swatching of make up products, she finally decided what kind of look she wants to go for.
Friendly and gorgeous Belle helping Kaylene with the make up because she's so shy to do it.

 And the end product!!
Look at how vibrant the product is despite it being for kids.
I am so excited to share the make up products with Kaylene ( that's if she allows la. haha ) 

C'EST MOi not only have make up products, they also have skin friendly skincare products!

These are the 5 skincare products Kaylene bagged home.

> Skin Conditioning Cleansing Milk

> All Purpose Hydrating Gel

 > Moisture Sunscreen Base With SPF30+

> Gel Mask

  > Facial Sheets

 We also got the Aqua Nail Polish,which is a solvent free nail polish & very gentle on the nails!

 Last but not least, 
the Freedom Palette Medium. 
 (You can buy a empty paletter and then fill it up with your own selections of make up to be place in it.)

Sooo pretty!!!!

Kaylene can't wait to try it on our dearest helper as I already had make up.

And tada.....
All of us can't stop laughing during the process cos it's not very neatly done,
and looks kinda funny with the blue and purple on Eni's eyelids.
But we had sooo much fun playing around with it.
Kaylene said that Kayliss will be her next model..
We shall see...
Maybe I will record of her doing so for her sister :)


Thank you C'EST MOi, and Belle for having me and my girls over at Metro Singapore!
We truly enjoyed ourselves and will definitely go back for more products 

For more info of C'EST MOi,

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