Monday, 16 May 2016

Air Salon.. & Sushi Date :)

Woke up feeling for white...
I'm usually decked in Black because the color is safe, esp for a clumsy & tam jiak lady like me.
I always think of what I wanna eat for the day and usually when I wear other colors than BLACK, i will be craving for LAKSA, MEE SIAM, MEE POK ... etc
Just by drinking milk tea, I've already stained the top :/
The problem with wearing white!
Anyway, this piece of white shoulder is too gorgeous for me that I have resisted all that food temptations running through my mind.

Pixie Dust Collections
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It was sooo sunny and hot that my make up melted almost instantly after I stepped out of the door
Sg is really a SUNNY ISLAND.
This snapchat filter made me feel so much better

1st stop was to GNC as I need to get some Vits.
I received 35% of my total bill so might as well just get the Vits which I needed.
The liver one is for Mr while these 2 bottles are mine.


Next stop,
I wanted to go darker as lighter hair color is hard for me to maintain.
esp with sensitive scalp.
The shampoo for sensitive scalp washes out the lighter color pretty fast.
Admire those who look so good with lighter hair color, but for me,
Dark is good :)

Love the staffs there!!
Bought milk tea for my hairstylist and his assistant and I got Poh Piah.
Yeah Yeah 
Always be kind. 
Cos most people will appreciate your kindness and return the kindness.
This is call Good Karma

And TADA.....
Thank you Vin & Air Salon for always giving me beautiful hair

Shopping in town!

Shopping at F21 is so addictive.
But the music there gave me headache every time I was there.... 
But hell, the stuffs there are so affordable & cute.

Learning to appreciate the small things in life...

Then to have Sushi!!

313 Orchard Road
#B3-24, 313 Somerset
Singapore 238895

Soo good and only at $1.50 a plate!!

With my gorgeous gf!

And yah, all these are finished up by me

Had such a good day despite the scorching hot weather.
Sharing with you one of my current body mist...
A thousand wishes from Bath & Body Works.
Makes u smell so good throughout the day ( body mist don't last long so u have to spray as u want throughout the day.)
I spray it in my room too...
Love it!!

Have a great day all

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