Friday, 29 April 2016

Last weekend of April.

I've settled in my new place :)
The renovation process has been a pain in the ass, causing me so much stress and headache
when I also have many other things I have to see to...
Besides going to work, I had to rush home to the kids before I head to my new place to check on the renovation, and then back to my mum's place.
It was so tiring that I think for that 2 months, I hit the sack as soon as I reached home.
And for that, the time was 11pm-12mm.
I basically am up since 530am-12mm

the renovation is down to the change of the ENTIRE wallpaper in my house,
the very patchy silicon on the edges of some of the cabinets,
and the skirting....
( photos I took today 29042016 )

I moved in on 31st March 2016,
when the renovation is almost 90% done
( as in schedule, 10% is to do the rectification of the renovations in the house if it's not done as expected/poor job )
because my kids will be taking the school bus to school and the fare starts on the 1st April.
which makes it easier for me and the bus conductor to keep track and calculate the amount.
If you don't know, when your child first takes the school bus,
you will have to pay for the months (JUNE & DEC ) when it's the school holidays where ur child is not even taking their bus to school.
So yea..
We moved in a day before 1st April.

The workers came on Sat 23042016 at 230pm when they were supposed to turn up at 9am, arranged by the ID.
It was also told verbally by my ID that the entire wallpaper in my house will be changed ( We paid SGD$2800 for many rolls of it ) since there are many damages and tears, which is obviouslly bad job done by the workers and torn by them by accident.
Entire process will take a few hours but the workers were in my house for less than 45 mins, and these are the works done by them.

In my living room, dining area.

Wall right in the middle of my house, in the living room.
U can see the long patch of cover up with a wallpaper which is lighter than the current one.

In my MBR,
the wall beside my dresser.
The small patch of wallpaper used to patch up the tear.
And u can see the very rough work for my dresser.

The wallpaper in my MBR,
just beside my smaller window.

The wallpaper in my MBR.
just under my bigger window.

The edges around my toilet door frames.
Be it in my MBR, my living room, and the corners in the house.

Right under Kaylene's study desk.

In Kaylene's room,
around her window frame and edges of the window frame.

Under Kayson's study desk.

And the skirting in the living room.
There are more but this is the worst out of them all.
There were also paint stains all over the skirting and edges of my door frames, which another worker came to try to remove and only managed to remove about 70% of it.
And all that got to done under the supervision of me, and the ID? I don't know where he is.
What kind of work this is to be done by the renovation company, the workers.
And the supervision of the ID?
I don't know what are the words that can be used to describe my feelings cos it's actually a happy occasion to have a house of my own.
After soooo many years of waiting.

But then, to have people ruin it.....
because I really think I am very very blessed already.
To have a house with such an amazing view.
I got to say the concept of the house is not bad.
One glance and it looks good, and the furniture bought go along very well with the color theme in my house.
But then, I see these imperfections done by the renovation, and not like I can just close one eye because
Then it should be done nicely.

Here is the FB post I posted few days back.

At first,
I'm really scare that the ID will try to be funny if I post up all the photos and my feelings about the renovation since we already paid close to SGD$50K (90% of the total amount ) when the renovation was less than 50% done then.
So I tolerated all these crapss.
But since we are already so closed to finishing it and in my heart, I already don't see any hope in the ID doing a good job doing the finishing of the touch ups.
So yea....
Not fair for me to pay the remaining the 10% ( still have to nerve to chase for payment ) when this is the job done by them..
tio bo?


On a happier note,
I have been eating 3 meals a day, home cooked meals by my dearest helper
Which also means I put on weight la.Have stopped working out for 6 months already because each time I try to work out, my scalp itches, my skin itches and my left knee hurts.
Cannot help but admit,
So if u see me, and I look rounder... heehee!!

For dinner tonight...

For the longest time,
I hope to have home cooked meals daily, for me and my kids...
wish granted

Few days back,
Met my sis with my girls for a very short dinner at Swensens.

> Fries

> Kids Omelette rice

> Fried Mushroom

>Fish Baked Rice

> Aglio Olio

> Salmon Pasta

Cheeky one.

Another one..

Super yummy cheeze Omelette rice.

 Love :)
Even though the dinner was short and we got to leave home soon after as I got to put the girls in bed....
We had a really joyful dinner, doing a short birthday song singing session for Kayliss.

And the next day,
I met up with my sis again for late lunch after our nails appointment.
my gorgeous set of nails done by my current sponsor,
Do follow the page for nails designs done by Iris, and the promotions!

Yeah to DTF for late lunch!

 F O O D

Ordered the chicken XLB instead .

Food was amazing as always,
DTF standard is always there....
But my company is great too, my dearest sis
Sad that she's always flying, but happy when she always spend time with me and my kids whenever she is free.
Love u my sis!!!


My girls are going to my parents place tml as they re bringing them to swim,
while I chill at home, and then attend a wedding dinner in the evening.,
It will be a great day!

Good night !!!

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