Sunday, 6 March 2016

Last weekend of Feb!!

Nothing is better ( or almost ) than having the kids in bed so that I can do the things I wanna do
Be it,
 have a nice 15 mins hot bath, half an hour of loading photos, an hour or two of watching videos ( YOUTUBE and TVB dramas ), blogging, or just, doing simply nothing!!
But at the same time, I feel like going to bed too cos I'm simply exhausted by the end of the day..
I think most mummies can relate to that....
Either you sacrifice your sleep for the things u want to do, in peace!
Or simply, just sleep and forgo the free time.

So I can stay up later since the kids have no school during the weekends nor CCA, for now.
So I can sleep later without having to crawl out of bed at 530am the next day.
HOORAYYYY to that,,,,

I wish I have long endless, 
And scarless legs.
I am not tooooo short la.
Just average. 164am....
But I have many scars on my legs.
I am most insecure about that....
I even bought the Sally Hansen spray on concealer for legs but it was a total flop. haha!
I am a very clumsy person and I trip very often :/ 
I am also a very attractive person to the stupid irritating mosquitoes who loves to kiss me...
And my skin don't recover well from all that marks.
Thus, all those scars.

But at least, God gave me legs which are strong enough to walk.

Many times, 
I feel upset with the things I cannot compromise with.
But then, I realized how blessed I am with all that I have ...
Nothing is more important than having a healthy body and thankful heart.
You will NEVER be happy if you are not contented with what you have...

Look at my mini USB!
Was shopping for the mouse for the laptop the other day and I came across this cute USB.
Ultra mini la...
But the thing is hor, very easy to misplace because it's so tiny..
Anyway, I bought this USB as my iPhone was running out of space and my lap pok pok laptop doesn't allow me to upload photos :/
So I got to use my computer to do all the uploading from my iPhone to my USB, and then transfer them over to my laptop....

All these extra steps...
Can't wait to move into my new place and then get everything set up nicely.

Had a long day at work and ended my day with a bowl of hot Kimchi ramen.
 I always tend to crave for like noodles when I am not wearing black .
When most of the time I am in Black, I just go for rice! haha.
But of course I will have noodles too la.. but I exceptionally crave for noodles when I am wearing light color apparels.

Anway, it was yummy!
 And I snacked right after I got home..
I didn't finish the Kimchi Ramen even though it was good.
I only had the noodles and soup but not the meat.
So I feel like I got to have something to much of...

And I ended my night with a face mask.
 Which I rarely do since my skin is so sensitive.
But the Aloe vera face sheet mask from TFS seems so good to not try.
And it's good!!!
Moisturising and it didn't cause my skin any itch nor irritation.

Kayliss went back to the dentist for her dental appointment.
 Her daddy brought her there and she behaved so well.
She even showed the dentist how she brushed her teeth.
So proud of her for behaving..
Everything is good.
And as usual, the dentist said to better stop breastfeeding already...
Kayliss is now only latching 2-3 times a day.
But MORE when I am home with her..As when we are out, she will be too busy with everything around her!
 But a must to latch before going to bed.
So I think sooner or later, she'll wean.
Bitter sweet.

Love you baby!

And poor her got a cut on her fingernail.....
 She'll come to me and said
"pain pain.", and wanted me to kiss her wound.

Evening time with my sis and parents.

No make up but I also can have BIG EYES!
Thanks Snapchat ;)

Dinner !!!

My fav. Chilli crabs..
MELBEN one is the best, but this is not too bad....
Food took some time to serve but the company was great!
I don't get to spend time with just my parents and sis without the kids often... and I really enjoyed the peaceful time.

And after dinner, Kaylene sent me this cake which she baked herself....

She also made her bed, with this doll which I hand stitched for her by her bed.


Kids asleep,
mummy's free time

Fun time with my GFS !!!!

 Love the company, the music and the freedom to enjoy myself.

And then ended my night with a good bowl of Lor Mee!!!

And the next day,

Mos Burger for my kids!!
And then I reached home to see this.....
my tea time snacks made by Kaylene 

 Ultra blessed to have my kids who love me !!!
Kayson used to always do all these for me.. but these days, he is very occupied with his gadgets and new friends..., and his grandma.

Kids then went to Paragon while I brought Kayliss back to accompany my mum! 


Leap day..

I guess Kayliss didn't want to go school?

Love her outfit 

Love mine too !


Slowly catching up with my blog posts 

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