Tuesday, 23 February 2016

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #49

Elva Hsiao has always been one of my top fav singer!
She is gorgeous, talented and can sing really well.
I remembered I watched one video of her singing LIVE and I immediately fell in love with her 
I hope to attend her concert and hear her sing live!

After I saw this video of her wearing the YSL lipstick, 
I know I have to get it!
Video credit to : VOGUE TV Taiwan

I was at the YSL beauty counter and I also wanted to get the # 46 as it has a more peachy sheen.
But the SAs there were too busy talking instead of helping me out, so I decided to only get one.
Which is my purpose of heading down there!
It can be quite confusing if it is your first time at the YSL counter with no SA to assist you as there are a few range of YSL lipsticks and so many shades to choose from.
So take your time...

I have bought 2 other lipsticks from the YSL Rouge Volupte line.
( I have also bought another YSL lipstick in the cube shape instead of the round shape and it was a waste on money as the shade that the SA recommended me doesn't suit me at all.)
In # 1

 And also # 7

 But one is too nude and one is too pink.
 Both are equally gorgeous but I find them too creamy for me to work with.
Since I have dry lips.
If I moisturize them before I put the lipstick on, the lipstick will glide off.
But if I don't, they emphasis on the lines on my lips.
So I rarely use them these days.

Anyway, glad I bought #49 in the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine range because it's really worth the penny!!
( which I think they increased the price as I remembered getting the other 2 YSL lipsticks at $40+ )

I really love it.
Even though the strong fragrance can be quite a put off.
But the pigmentation of it is just nice.
 Not too loud, and yet gave me the tint of color which I like.
It suits my warm skin tone.
It's also not too matte, making my lips look & feel moisturized.
Last but not least, the packaging...
Even if I don't use it, I feel happy just looking at it.

Hope to try more shades and I already know which shade I am going to purchase next


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