Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Sad Monday :(

Ever since Kayliss attended school this year, she has fallen sick more times than I can remember.
Just this month, after the flu, the HFMD, she is now down with stomach flu

She went to school early this morning looking fine.

Teacher called me an hour after she went to school, informing me of her fussing and looking lethargic ( which is kinda rare as she is always excited for school, and busy exploring. ), before she started to throw up, TWICE!!
My heart sank after hearing that. To not be there with my Kayliss when she needed me most, and she falling sick again,,, just upsets me!

Got helper to pick her up from school and her daddy sent her down to the clinic while I rushed down from work,,,
Kayliss had already vomited thrice by then.
She was also having diarrhea.
While waiting for our turn to see the Dr, we asked the nurse if we can use one of the rooms to change Kayliss's diaper and changed her twice.
I breastfed her and shortly after, and she vomited all the milk.
Like Merlion style.
So the nurse told us to go in after the current patient!

Thank god Kayliss had no fever.
But she is down with food poisoning. 
The poor her has to take 4 kinds of medicine.
After seeing the Dr, she managed to nap for awhile, and then she vomited twice.
I know when she wants to vomit as she rarely fuss and when she does, it means she's unwell.
She doesn't have appetite for anything except to latch.
So I guess it's now the milk which is causing her to vomit.
So sad that I can't breastfeed her to make her feel better,,,
She was crying when I said
" Mummy can't latch you as you will vomit... I am sorry." 
and she walked to the bed, before hugging the bolster and then covering herself with the blanket.
So cute and at the same time, so poor thing.
She seems to understand what I'm saying. 
Or maybe, she's just tired.
Hope she'll feel better a good rest.

On a side note.
I saw a long Q at Mcdonalds this morning.
Was wondering what it is about, then to know it's actually the sale for the Mcdonalds Nanoblock.

I have no intention to Q but decided to do so in the end as I wanna surprise Kayson and Kaylene with it.

Anything miniature is just too cute to resist.

Even have certificate number. LOL

Happy to see the smiles on my kids' face after they received the gifts :)
So worth the Q and worth of me eating almost 2 up-sized meals just for it..

Hope tml will be a better day!!

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