Saturday, 27 February 2016

Just blogging .... :)

Snapchatting mood during work time !

Time past by sooo fast when you have things on hand to do....
Right after work, rushed to Private room to get my eyelash extensions redone 

Private Room Sg
69B Boat Quay
Singapore 049857
Tel : +65 62233088
HP : +65 97855069
Nearest Mrt Raffles Place (Exit G)

I usually exit via Purple Line ( Clark Quay ) and walked over.
Can enjoy the beautfiful scenery whle walking over.



Really close up of my eyelash extensions.
 Seriously very impressed with the skills of their cosmetician.
All of them are skillful and did an amazing job with my lashes.
And the eyelash extensions are so lightweight.
Been with them for 2 years and when people asked me where to get eyelash extensions done,
I always recommend them Private Room.
Not just because they are my sponsor, but because they never failed me when it comes to my eyelash extensions.
Every session with them was comfortable and relaxing, not to mention the place is so clean with nice ambiance,
so relaxing that I fell asleep when getting my lashes fixed.

Just window shopping before I went home to my kids.
Ain't they so cute?
These are not those very popular cushions now, but the smaller version as a bag charm.

I'm always so sucked into buying these cute stuffs even though I won't use it
But this time, I didn't buy la!

Now there's also an ANG GU KUAH cushion.


Another schooling day for Kayliss.

Always dont bear to leave in school...

Kaylene happy to be home from school!!

Why you angry?!

Thank god Kaylene has double eyelids :)


Kaylene was sick and missed school.
She complained of pain in the ear and so, we went to the dr.
And dr said it's ear infection 
Hate it when my kids get sick.

But heng ah, even though Kaylene was not feeling too well, she still had the appetite to eat.
Cake from a atas cake place in the neighborhood.

Even Kayliss is addicted to snapchat

Wonder if I should get the baby carrier to carry Kayliss since she's currently weighing at 11-12kg.....

Lunch :)

I really like this vanity desk.
Credit to : LeSassafras (Youtube )

I think most Beauty youtuber have similar layout and vanity area?
But I like it cos it looks really clean even though there's alot of things going on.. 
Anyway can't wait to see how my vanity area will looks like after it's done.
I gave up my walk in wardrobe as I want my kids to each have their own room..
Kayliss will sleep with me until we move to a bigger place 

Need to wash up and chase the TVB drama....

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