Sunday, 28 February 2016

Hooray to last week of Feb!!

The month of Feb has been nothing but bad for me..
and my kids 
All 3 of them took turns to fall sick ( they rarely fall sock ) and it sucks to see your child being sick and nothing you can do much except giving them the med and lots of hugs....

Kayliss was really unwell as she was down with stomach flu and mild food poisoning.
She is usually very loud and active but that past one week, she was quiet and just just wanna be held...
my poor baby girl.

Kayliss and her companions.

Rarely get to spend 1-1 time with my son since most of the time, the girls will be along where-ever I go.
Kaylene fell asleep and Kayliss was at home resting thus it's just me and him

Not nice.

And because Kayliss was home, I managed to have llao llao without anyone snatching mine away!!!

45 minutes of wait is not too long, not too short either.
So instead of just sitting outside the piano room to wait,
I went to :

Cotton On Kids to do some shopping for Kayliss!!!
They have the cutest and affordable apparels for kids :)

They usually have sales for the apparels and it's super worth it!!
There's no discount for the Disney collections but I got it anyway... cos it's too cute!

To Sasa.
Have been wanting to try the Wet & Wild lipsticks but I didn't get to see them around these days, except at Sasa.
They are not as matt as I expected, so I got this shade instead of the darker shades.

I usually go with the peachy shades as I have yellowish skin tone.
Pink lipsticks usually makes me look like I have jaundice and makes my teeth look more yellowish, if it makes sense.
Thus I try to steer clear of pinks.
I used to waste so much money buying pink lipsticks but ended up not being able to wear them.
*roll eyes*

The packaging of this lipstick is a thumbs down
Almost impossible to not have the lid of it touching the lipstick since part of the lipstick is out of the packaging.....
A big nono for an OCD person like me,

The shade is really pretty but it is really drying on my lips....
Anyway, at only SGD$6.90, can't expect more!!

To Nine West.
As they are having sales!
I seriously don't need another pair of shoes but I am always on the hunt for fashionable and comfortable walking flats.

This caught my attention instantly!

Please ignore my blue backs .... I am always clumsy 
I actually wanted to get this black pair too but the straps are sooo tight on my feet, even when I size up!!
So sad as it's really gorgeous...
Not to mention since it's on sale, it's only at SGD$60.


When I reached home,
I received a surprise from Kaylene
Always so blessed to have Kaylene!

My lazy youngest....

Ended my night ..... with a headache :0

Another working day...
Lunch at Din Tai Fung 

Their Xiao Long Bao is the Bomb!!

Toilet OOTD .

Since both my elder Kays have piano lessons on separate days now, I get to do more shopping at Plaza sing.

I have to control myself whenever  I step into Daiso as they have the cutest and sometimes, useless stuffs.
But the mentality of it being only $2 just makes u get it, and then not using it.

Dinner time!!!

Kaylene always have the kiddo set and this time, she finished it, except for the corn.
Haha. she must be really hungry...
I promised her a trip to Smiggle and she got this bag.....
I still remember how cute she was..
Years back, she wanted this watch from Swatch, and for a nursery child, ( i think age 5? ), the watch is at prob SGD $75 +...which is really expensive!!
But she didn't cry nor fuss when I said no..
Instead, every time we walked past the shop,
she said
"Mummy, we go in and take a look. just take a look ok?"
And after the 4th time, I bought the watch for her.
Because she deserved to have it for behaving so well, and having the patient to wait for the things she wants.

And then,
I saw this!!!
At the G-shock factory...

Debating between the 2 colors and I got this !

Even the paper bag is so denim... LOL

And as I still have some spare time before heading home, I went to Innisfree.
I didn't know the equality of their eyeshadow is pretty good.
Soft and pigmented.
I also did swatch their shimmers and glitters ( 2 different range ) eyeshadows and they are equally good too!!!
I didn't manage to take photos of them though .

Here is what I bought.

Mineral shadow matt 07

Mineral shadow shimmer 03

Mineral shadow shimmer 05

Mineral shadow glitter 06

The shimmer and glitter eyeshadows look really similar but when I swatched it on my hand, the glitter eyeshadow has more of a golden glitter.

Also bought the Volanic nose pack,

And the Green Tea seed eye cream to try..
I have bought the face cream to used but it broke me out
So I think I wont purchase their face products.
However, I really like the No sebum mineral pact.

It made my face stayed matt longer than it usually was.
I have also bought the loose powder version but this is not messy at all, and works much better!!

Look at the amount of freebies given!
Love it when the company is generous with the samples and freebies.

Ended my night with a bowl of fish soup.


New buy for my phone!!

So handy and slim. 
Can just put it in my bag and use my phone/ipod hands free.

And looked what greeted me when I was preparing to head out.

After a long day at work,
Headed down to check my new flat.

First time to see my new place after the sun set....
And the gorgeous view.

Counting down to the day I can move into the new house!!

Some things, some people, are actually not as good as we thought they are.
I seen it through.
No matter what you did, be it with good intentions, or not.
It's just plain irritating.

I cannot wait to have a place of my own!!

I know God is good.

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