Saturday, 20 February 2016

Feb 2016

Moving into the 4th week of February 2016!
I have neglected my blog... my bad.
Have been really busy with my 3 kids, and almost everything around me.
Not an excuse, but that's the truth.
And also, my lao pok pok laptop has been soooo lag.. I dread on-ing it.
Its Windows 7, thus it cannot even load my photos from my new iphone.
And I'm surprised that it's still working even though I have spilled a bottle of water on it :/
Anyway, I miss blogging :)

Besides being busy with my 3 kids, new work,
I am also very happy to announce that I finally have my own house!!!
A home of my own.

What I love most about my new place is it's spacious enough for me and my 3 kids, 
we have a beautiful view with no obstructions....
Renovation has started recently ( even though we collected the keys in early Nov ) and it will be done in est 3rd week of March..
So far so good.
In the mean time, I have to go get the furniture for the house.....
The truth is, I have yet to start on the searching because it's so difficult to shop with kids, especially with Kayliss
I cannot wait to move in!!
Will definitely share more photos of the renovation progress once I get a new laptop.

As mentioned,
Kids have entered a new year, new phase, different class.
1st day of school 2016.
Kayson, in sec school.
Doesn't need me to send and fetch him from school liao...

My 2 precious girls :)

Helper and I sent both Kaylene and Kayliss to school.
And since the distance between the schools is a just a walking distance, we might as well just head out together.
As there was still some time to spare, we had breakfast in the school canteen.

model wanna be :)

Kayliss was probably nervous?

She knew exactly where she is supposed to place her shoes at after being taught during the orientation day.

But she had no problems being in school at all.

 Teachers had to take turns to hold on to Kayliss because she was so active

Cutie pie and the cutie small toilet bowl
 I look forward to Kayliss being potty trained 

Breakfast time!

Kayliss did well but didn't finished what was in the bowl.
Teacher encouraged her to finish it but she didn't want to.
It will take time for her to do so.

After eating,
is play time!!
Which is Kayliss's favorite!

See what I meant when I said she is being too active....

I know she will need time to adjust into the new learning environment,
So I am keeping my fingers cross that she will be more obedient for the teachers in school, and also at home for me and my helper.

Parents got to stay with the kids for 3 days before we got to allow them to be on their own with the teachers.
The curriculum during the 3 days are about the same.
But Kayliss sure did enjoyed herself very much in school :)

I also took her to have new passport size photos taken because the one given to the staff during registration for the enrollment was prob taken half a year back,
and Kayliss was still looking botak, like a boy.


Despite being so tired and busy, selfie is a must.

And also,
got featured in J.Mag along with other influencers :)
Thank you Gushcloud for giving me the opportunity 

Ending this post here as I need to go eat my supper

I hope every one is doing great!
Those who are still here reading my blog, thank you :)
Love you all.
And I love my 3 kids the most!!!
Not perfect, but thank God for all the blessings.


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