Friday, 26 February 2016

CNY + over the weekends .

Back in the blogging mood thus I am back with another blog post
My helper very scare when I on the laptop because she said I always take very long... haha!

On fri before the CNY,
I went to get my nails done at my new nails sponsor 
I love that it's located at the central, Orchard FEP.
Most importantly, the skills of Iris is nothing but impressive.

Coming 3 weeks, my nails are still looking so pretty :)

I am supposed to get a new set of nails done on thursday which is later today.
But I decided to change the appointment to next week because I cannot bear ti have it removed.
I have quite a few people who came up to me, asking me where I got my nails done.

Oh ya, I tried this Mentos while doing my nails at Iris's and it's soo good!
I went to buy a pack!
Definitely recommend you to try!

My mum's dining table, full of CNY goodies!

2 days before CNY, 
I went to the market with my parents to get the ingredients needed for the steamboat session the following day.

It was mad crowded, stuffy and hot.
Not to mention since it's a wet market, the floor is wet and the place smells of fresh meat :/
Which is not what I'm very fond off.
So I really salute those grandmas,mums, helpers who go shop at the wet market.....

Since mum is on a wheelchair, we hooked the plastics of ingredients on hers. haha!

Rushed home to unload the stuffs and then to the inlaws house to have the reunion lunch as my MIL was flying off to China after the lunch.
As usual, my 2 elder Kays BBQ the food for me and then we LAO YU SHENG with the family 

Usually, my MIL will get the YU SHENG from NTUC but she forgot to buy this year!
So I went to buy at the Cze Char stall and everyone said that this is so much better

Love them both!!

Also had the ID came over to our place to show us the catalogue for us to finalized the colors of the tiles, walls  etc for our new house!!!
Will update more photos in the next house blog post :)

Last minute shopping for Kaylene as she needed cheong sum for the coming CNY celebration in school.
We ended up getting more dresses for Kayliss too.


Woke up the aroma of this....

Thank u mummy & helper for preparing the food for us

New earrings and new colored contacts to start my day!

My son is now almost as tall as me.

Too busy with his hp!

Hard work of my parents, helper, my sis, and of course,

Must have sauce to dip!

Had a really enjoyable early dinner with my parents and family.
Good to have my uncles over too.
I can see my mummy was really happy
To me, my mum is the best sisters to her brothers.
She showed me how much love she has for her brother and taught me to love my sister even when she's not lovable.

After a heart full dinner,
it's time to LAO YU SHENG!! 


After dinner,
off we went to Chinatown.
So beautiful it needs no editing.

A must to go Chinatown during CNY to feel the festive atmosphere 
Even though it's super crowded!

 Didn't stay out too long as Kayliss wasn't feeling too well and she was at home with my parents and helper.
So we went back home ASAP aft the event at the temple

CNY day 1

I think I woke up quite late due to me staying up the night..
First day of CNY so must wear red red. haha!!
I am so in love with my new phone case cos it's so cute!!

Why my house got "monkey" even though she's a "snake"?

Out we went...
Kayliss thought she was going to school and insisted to bring her school bag.

Outing with my parents, uncle, his wife and their cutie Maeson!

Im the mood to take some photos but this Kayliss didn't want to cooperate.
The thing I do while waiting 

Twins :)

Whole day of running around with my babies....

Now you know who's the cheekiest out of my 3 kids! 

Kayliss and her cousins:)

Kaylene always have fun at Aunt Michelle's place

While we waited,
with the kids playing and the elders catch up with what they have been doing for the year.....

I look old and tired but heck,
at least I know I was really happy when taking this photo because I think of how blessed I am to have 3 healthy kids...
Who love me, and who I love with my all my life


CNY day 2

Felt like curling my hair and I did...
But my hair got really flat by the end of the day
>.< even after I've sprayed some hairspray.

Got my dress from  Ninth 
Weird that online is selling way cheaper than in store.
But nether less I like the quality of their apparels.

Kaylene went to Michelle's place for awhile and we went to just chill at a friend's place after.

Just chilling 

 Love you my son!!!

And we had dinner nearby...
Western food!!

 Didn't managed to take photos of my kids' food because they were too hungry to wait for me to take photos.

This active Kayliss....

 Mummy loves you so much even though you always don't let mummy finish my meal peacefully

Then to a relative's place before we ended the night.

And that ended our 2-3 days of festive enjoyment.
Kids got to go back to school and Kayliss got to enjoy another day off.

The naughty Kayliss.

Kayliss behaved really well as the dr examined her because she knew she'll get sweets after the check up.

She was finally able to return to school the following day!!


Since we got the day off, shopping of course!!!

And of course, mummy's duty!!
( that's my cheeky helper at the back. LOL )

Trying to stay sane when my kids took turn to fall sick during the week.

But all is good.
Thank God.

Also, spent my Valentine's D Eve with my dearest gfs! 

Who need man when you have amazing gfs:

And topshells.. LOL
Had so much fun hanging out with my gfs and I love them so much!!

On Valentine's day..
I spend it with my sis and my kids

Love you sis for always loving my kids like your own!

Brought my sis to my new place to take a look !
Can't wait for the renovation to be done and I cannot wait to move in!!!

Dinner with my parents... 

 Their waffle icecream is sedap!!!
Kayliss herself had a scoop of icecream to herself

Sinful supper!!

Also got myself a new pouch for my keys..
Waiting to use it for my new place!

During the weekends, on Sunday,
mummy said to go out of the house .
Actually, my mum went out everyday even though she needs to be on a wheelchair now.
She had a fall in Japan and thought it was nothing serious as she said the pain was bearable since it was really cold there.
The Dr in japan can only wrapped her fractured ankle up for her to go back to sg to see another dr.
She even took photos of her smiling despite being on a wheelchair to send to my sis & I in the family group chat so we thought, it's nothing too serious.
And lucky for her, it was only a day before they were to return to Sg from the trip.
Unluckily, she felt the sharp pain after she arrived in Sg.
So she was rushed to the A&E where Dr said she has a broken ankle and has to be operated to have metal plates and screws inserted.
So yea....
She is now on a recovery stage but she wants to go out everyday
My daddy is taking good care of her so I guess there is nothing to worry about.
except that my mum had already broke a wheelchair.

Blessed grandma with her 2 granddaughter.

The Jelly Bunny Sandals which I bought at 50% off :)

I don't know why Kayliss is angry. haha!

Chong Pang to walk around..

And to have dinner at Yishun 925.
The chicken rice is the BOMB.
But no photos as we were all too hungry to wait..
Also, the crispy pancakes are worth trying.
 I used to love the crispy pancake with corn selling at Bugis Village.
But it has been so long since I last went there.
Anyway, it's a mess to eat these.
Just like how it is with waffle + butter.
One of my fav combi to eat waffle :)
Messy, but too yummy to care.

In need of some Vit as my diet these days are really bad.
I admit.
I should eat more fruits!!

And to the bookstore to get some assessment books for Kaylene.
 Got to say that Kaylene is the one who told me to get the books for her.
Ever since the ordeal we went through with Kayson,
who we gave him so much pressure as we ourselves as parents feel so pressurized with him not being to catch up in class, not being able to do well in school.
Which in the end, harms him.
I learnt to be more relax with Kaylene,
and also with Kayson....
I mean we as parents are also human beings and we learnt from it.
We learnt to not give ourselves and our kids so much pressure because if they were to do well, they will do well.
If they want to study, they will study.
We of course have to remind them when it's time to study, you study.
but when it's time to play, they get to enjoy the time too...
It's not easy being parents, not easy being children too.
So just relax.

Anyway, while Kaylene was shopping for her art materials and I was done with the books,
I saw this cute mini drawers.
And of course, I had to get it!
 The older I get, the more attracted I am to cute stuffs

Ended the night with the dinner my son bought me from Crystal Jade.

hmm,.. that's all.
Another working day and it's the weekends.

Have a great weekend all

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