Sunday, 10 January 2016

Year 2016!!!

   Happy 2016!!!
Even though my greetings came 9 days late :/
Been reallyyyyyyy busy, with many adjustments going on.
But happy to say that I'm doing good. Not as great as I'd like to be, but I'm good....
So are my kids :)

My Kayson, on the orientation day at the Secondary school he's currently attending.
 (The day after we touched down from Japan, which photos I'm still consolidating )

I let him chose the school that he wants to study in.. As long as it's not too far away from our place.
This school, is not very far away from his current place.
And very near to our new place which we will be moving in in March, latest April,
( also, blogpost of my new place coming up hopefully soon! )

The weather was really humid but it was quite a good day. 
We got to know more about the school via the introduction speech done by the principal and some of the teachers.
After the speech, we parents went to the classroom the children will be having their lessons in and met the form teacher and students.
The session was short and sweet.
Went to purchase the school books and then the school uniforms before we head back home.

I still can't believe my son is now currently studying in sec sch!!
Like in the blink of an eye, my baby boy is now a lil' grown up....
Feel so sad just thinking about him having a new set of friends, spending more time on CCA, and prob get a gf... and then, Army.

Hope he gets to know good peers and enjoy his days in schools.
Even though school sucks.
At least good friends will make school days much better!!!

He has now started to take public transport on his own to school.
There is a straight bus from the house to the school so there is no problem for him at all.
Besides, he has been wanting to try to take the public transport on his own.
So yea,
I mean he is growing up and ultimately, I have to let him have his freedom to do the things he wants. As long as it's not doing anything bad to others,

For Kaylene, not much difference.
Entered P3 and many of her classmates from her current class are being put in different classes.
But it's good too.
She can get to know more friends :)
So far she has been having recess with her P2 classmates.. haha

New uniform for my lil piggy who is growing oh so well.. heehee!

Practicing on the piano before we went home.

And Kayliss.....
During her orientation for PN.
At the new NYK school campus.
It used to be old NYPS campus ( the kids' daddy studied there )
then NYK campus ( Kayson stuided there ),
 then the kids shifted to the new campus ( Kaylene studied there ),
 and now, to the newest campus ( which is the same campus as Kayson used to study in, just that the school was renovated. )
And I like this campus because of the open space area!!
It's so much more spacious and the parents have more room to roam around during any events and  celebrations being held in school.
I can't tell u how much I hated the kindergarten campus ( which the current k1 and k2 students are studying in now. )  Kaylene was studying in because the design of the school is very weird.
It is tall, and the walls are so high up.
And the space area is kinda small.
When there are only students and teachers, it's already very humid and hot.
So imagine when there is a celebration where there are students, teachers, and also PARENTS.
Many times I felt like I can't breath :/
Thank god Kayliss has 2 years here in this campus...

I think Mummy is more nervous than you....

We were brought around the school to see the facilities and what the kids will be learning during school curriculum time.
There is also a time table and food menu printed and paste at the outside of the classroom, so we parents will know what the kids are doing.

Kids were given a set of the school "uniform" only to wear when there is an event and outing...
Kayliss wanted to wear it immediately.

At first, Kayliss was ok. Still considered well behaved.
But then she started to roam around the class, especially towards the toys area when she started to lose focus.

Kayliss had so much fun in school.
She was so excited to see the toys ( haha! ).

After the 2 hours orientation,
it's time for the kids to go home.
Of course not forgetting to play at the play area before we left.

I still can't believe that even my youngest baby Quek is attending school.
Time will never stop for you!
That's why you must always treasure the time... and spend it with people who are worth it.

I have many photos to upload but I am busy and when there is free time, I'd choose to spend it with my kids
Also, I have changed from Samsung to Apple!!
Still getting used to using it.
New year, new number, new phone.. new start ..

No matter what had happened,
I am thankful.
I always am!!
My wishes came true, even thought the way it came true weren't the way I expected it to be.....
I can't describe all the emotions and feelings I've been feeling,
But I know, I will get better.

Have a great Sunday all!!!

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