Monday, 2 November 2015

Happy 8th Birthday, Kaylene :)

1st Nov,
and it's my dearest Kaylene's 8th birthday :)

On the 30th,
We had the family members over to celebrate Kaylene's birthday with her.
It was just a small celebration with our loved ones :)

The kids had so much fun!!
Running around the house, playing with the balloons, and taking photos!!

Kaylene has to remind me to invite her ah yi over as I told her gugu will be coming over 

Besides having the family members over, I also ordered Pizzas!
Which I forgot to take photos of...

As for the birthday cake,
I ordered it the very last min!
Prob 5 days before the celebration...
I google online and found one which do really pretty cakes, based on the photos they posted.
So I contacted the person, June,
and after communicating with her..

 It turned out way better than I expected it to be!!!

Kaylene's current fav cartoon character,
from the Inside Out movie 
She has watched the movie, and since she gets to watch it at home too.
She has been repeating the movie x100.

I actually wanted to just buy a normal cake to celebrate Kaylene's birthday.
But Kaylene wanted a birthday celebration with her friends, as some of her friends had the birthday parties with friends over to celebrate.
I told her after age 6, birthday celebrations will be just with our loved ones....
Because they are the most important.
Also, I really don't know where to start for the birthday celebration
Venue, cake, and having to entertain.
Sorry, but I really don't want to do any of that.
1st month, 1st years old, 18th and 21st will be the occasions for the celebration.
So yea.
I was really worried at first as I didn't know what to expect... like, if it'll turn out as what I expected the design to be like, to be nice, or will there be any last min cancellation etc.
But, it worked out perfectly!

Kaylene was soooo happy when she saw the cake!!!

For those who are interested


Kaylene also bought the no 8 candle when we were at Daiso the week before.

my 2 lil' sweetie pies :)

With her yiyi and yi zhang.

With her gugu and gu zhang.

& our 2 dearest helpers :)

It's time to eat the cake!
I requested for choco and oreo for the fillings.
And it was yummylicious!
Not too sweet tooo :)

My baby K princess :)

After the celebration, the cake cutting, the pizza eating,
it's time to open her birthday presents :)

I drew her a birthday cake  :)

and also bought her a Sadness bear :)

My happy baby princess,
opening all her gifts from her dearest ones! 

MLP toys from her Gugu :)

Her absolute fav,
Bing Bong!!
The cartoon character from the Inside Out movie!
 I knew her daddy will buy her this teddy, thus I got the cake baked in another character :)

Kayliss also wanted a share of the SADNESS :)

She has been requesting for the Bath & body works hand sanitizer and my sis went to buy it for her!

Started to play with her new Lego toys from her grandma right after the party ended.

She's so in loved with her new headphones from her Yiyi & Yi Zhang.

She looked so grown up now....

I'm so glad Kaylene had an amazing and happy birthday celebration with just her dearest ones :)
She's so thankful and can't saying
"thank you mummy!"
She even went to whatsapp my sis and her husband individually to thank them for coming over and for the gifts....

As quoted from my insta post
"🎉As the clock strikes 0000, my baby girl turns 8 !!!🎂 It has been an amazing 8 years with this sweetie pie of mine. 
Who is a Miss independent, from a cry baby who went  to school at age 2 to now, a responsible and respectful girl.
Who has a mindset of her own,
Who is expressive & loud,
Who is compassionate towards others,
Who has a very strong time management, 
Who is very meticulous, making sure things are done nicely ,
Who is very initiative when it comes to studying,
Who has a love for music, singing & dancing,
Who loves me and tries to take care of me.
The same way I'm trying to 😊
She can be really fussy at times, but for the most part, she behaves well.
Most importantly, she's happy & healthy 😄

I hope for the coming years, she'll remains as she is. 
If not, better 👍 
And always be kind to herself, and also others ❤
Love you Kaylene!"

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