Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Busy Nov!

November is a BUSY MONTH for me..
With the birthday celebration of my 2 Kays, and my parents!!
It's lots of celebrating and cake eating.. haha!

On the 31st Oct,
my parents told us to try this stall at the coffeeshop my dad frequents because he has been helping out at the temple near by...
So we headed there with her 3 brothers & their families, and my lovely family.
Minus Mr as he was away on a business trip.

My girls look like they are in serious thought about what to order.
( But in the end, it's my mum who made the final order. As always! )

Did not take photos of the food as there were 2 tables and it's so awkward for me to tell everyone to WAIT for me, just to take photos of the food.
But the food was surprisingly good, thought my fav CRABS are already sold out by the time we got there 
At least I had an enjoyable night with my parents and family!

My sister and her hubby surprised my parents by getting them a cake 
( even though my parents said to celebrate all 4 birthdays together, we still got them each a cake on their actual birthday..), and I surprised my parents by paying for the meal.

My lovely parents and my 3 cheeky rascals!!!

I love all 5 of them sooo much!!
Sometimes, my parents piss me off ( not always, but sometimes.. LOL ) but I still love them dearly.
I always remind myself, and my sis that as we are growing older, our parents are too.
So we must always treasure the time we have with them.
I'm glad we both try to spend more time with my parent whenever we can :)

7th Nov 2015
My pretty aunt and her cutie son, Maeson!

Kaylene adores Maeson....

I went to buy a chocolate cake for my daddy before popping by my parents place.

Dinner at:
Le Steak.
248 Jln Kayu, Singapore 799472

Mushroom soup.
Quite good.

We were first served with Mashed potato with no sauce.
And only to be told we can choose between 2 sauces when we asked about it.

Fries tasted better than the Fried fish.
Truthful opinion.

Tasteless pasta

Not too bad.

Food was alright.
Service was really slow.
Since the crowd was pretty manageable even though it's on a weekend.
I'm more disappointed with the food though.
My main courses ( which was shared between me and my helper ),
Pasta and fried fish were both pretty much tasteless..
It looks better than it taste.
My parents ordered beef and lamb steak, it was ok.
But nether less, well spent time with my family :)

Back home to celebrate my parents' birthday.
I don't know where the Lapis cake popped our from.....

My girls, especially Kayliss, 
were more excited and happier than my parents.

A video posted by Maggie.MQ ( on

A video posted by Maggie.MQ ( on

My family :)
- Mr cos he was sick.
Oh ya, and soooo happy that Apple is finally able to come to Singapore with her son!!!
Love them all!

My parents are so sweet to brew bird nest soup for all of us .....
 I love them soooo much!!

On the 10th Nov....
Coincidentally, it's the Public Holiday.
Mr arranged to treat my parents for dinner for their birthdays :)

Was preparing when Mr sent me this photo of Kayliss.

Decided to FINALLY bring this baby out....
Thanks Gwen 

Selfies :)
Just 2.

Early dinner at

#03-15 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Rd, Wheelock Place, 
Singapore 238880

Was told almost right away that Kayliss has to have her shoes removed because the seatings are in white.
Scare me as I thought why must my girl's shoes be removed....
But it's very considerate of them to tell me in advanced.

This Kayson, 
always on his phone.

Always trying to snap photos of me..

But honestly, some of the photos are not bad :) 

 Of course I deleted the ugly ones.

These are soooo adorable :)

 Even though Kayson is abit siao siao like me,
He is a really good doting brother to Kayliss ( and only Kayliss. LOL )

This cheeky lil Kayliss..
So difficult for her to sit through a meal
Typical for a 2 year old.
At least for mine.

Kayson and my sis :)


The food was good!!
All that we've ordered, I have nothing negative to say about.
My parents, my sis and my kids loved the food too :)
I also like the ambiance :)
Lighting there is not too bright nor too dim...
Perfect place to dine in.
( haha, I am very particular when it comes to eating... LOL )

My 2 chubby ladies, who I loveeeee dearly.


My parents,
who grow fatter as they grow older.
I am so bad... but I also am fatter.
So we are equal

Them and their chubby grandchildren.
Same same, chubby chubby.

I know I can always trust my parents ( at least my daddy ... ) when it comes to helping me with my kids.


Kaylene was unhappy that we didn't get her the expensive dress so my sis, brought her to buy llao llao.
Cos food always, almost instantly, 
makes her happy :)

Before ending this blog post.
Wanna thanks my parents for tolerating all my nonsense and terrible, TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE temper.
And still love me despite me being so imperfect.
I thought about what my mum said
" You stayed with me till you 17, and throughout the 17 years, I were busy working.
And now that I am finally more free, you are busy with your own family and your 3 kids.... I also don't know how to communicate with you."
And I feel so sad after hearing this.. I promised her I will spend more time with her and let my kids spend more time with my parents too.........
Love them so much!!!


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