Sunday, 25 October 2015

The last week of October!!

Haven't had the time to update this space as I've been really really busy!!
Kayson had his PSLE ( the big examination ) on the 1st week of Oct, for 5 days.
it was a lot of supervision and nagging during the preparation!
I am so used to saying
"Have you revised your work?"
"Still don't want to revise your work?"
that now,
I have to constantly remind myself NOT TO NAG AT HIM when I see him using his phone, or watching the tv,
HOORAY to that,
to me for the lessening the burden of worrying.
Even though I still do worry about the results ( hopefully the score is not too bad la! ),
but at least I don't have to worry about him not studying, and stressing myself when he doesn't.
& to Kayson, who can now relax til end of Dec???

Still can't believe my son is gonna be entering Secondary school next year!!!

 Kaylene was having her little tests here and there for her p2....
I was nagging at Kayson, and guiding Kaylene with her school work.
So far so good.
She has also started wearing braces ( retainers ).

The dentist she is seeing is only at the clinic (KKH) on Tues and sometimes Wed.
The slot that was given to us was on a school day and at 10am.
So in order to not let Kaylene miss the lessons unless necessary, 
I sent her to school at 7am, picked her up from school at 930am
And then sent her back to school after dental and a quick breakfast.

After the mould was taken,
we went back to see the dentist one week later.
And thankfully, it was on 1 of the 4 days school holidays due to PSLE marking.

She was nervous!

She really cracks me up.. haha!!

She was taught how to put the retainers on and remove....

After her dental,
I brought her to see the dr as the sole of her foot was bitten 
by some insect and it swell up.
And we took a bus home!

The dentist has said that if she wears the retainers diligently, she will be able to go off the retainers by earliest Dec.
But she is still not used to wearing the retainers...
She still has 2 more class tests to go before we can really relax....

As for Kayliss,
I am still breastfeeding her.
She,who took up most of my time!!!
She will have her snacks/meal, and then want to be breastfeed right after.
As long as I am within her sight,
my hands will be full with her.
I have asked for advises and most people told me I got to train her to eat when it's meal time.
Trust me when I said I did......
I think it's only possible for her to stop breastfeeding when she doesn't see me!!!
But impossible for me.....
So I am just taking it one step at a time.
No point stressing over it.
She is starting Pre-nursery next year!!
Have received the confirmation letter just few days back........
I can't wait for her to bring her new bag to school,

 wave me goodbye,

 walk to class, to learn new skills and language, and make new friends!
Still can't believe my baby is attending school next year.
Sob sob!!

Oh ya,
she finally allowed us to tie her hair!!
And of course this means her hair is finally long enough for us to do so.

As for me....
Life has been really busy, but great!

My one and only dearest baby sis got married in Sept :)

 No words can describe how happy I am for my sister....
I know she's in good hands as I've seen her grow to be a better person with this man she chose to spend the rest of her life with.

I'm also back on track to keeping fit.
After almost 6 weeks of hiatus.

Last but not least,
after having perfect eyesight for the longest time,
I need to be wearing glasses from now on.

And being the vainpot I am, I got to try out different color lens too :)

Still getting used to wearing glasses... high astig made me giddy.

I know my words are all over the place, like it usually are....

 *My life is not perfect.
But these 3 made my life wonderful :)*

Good Night!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Voting Day, and the Boring Weekends.

11th Sept.
Public holiday as it's the voting day.
I had a really good rest , till 4 pm as I wasn't feeling too well.
My sister came over to help me with my kids before she went to vote, and she brought Kaylene along with her.
So when I woke up, Kaylene told me she'll guide me to the school where I must vote :)
So sweet of her!!
Thankful to have you as my baby girl, Kaylene :)

Shopping after dinner with my sister and her bridesmaids.

I didn't get any of those but I think those are sooo cute!!
Now that I look back at the photos, I think I need to go get them.. haha!

Really had a good time out without the kids because,
I can eat at my own pace ( I didn't eat la, only drink ), and also shop at my own pace.
I really enjoy the ME time.

And it's back home to my active baby!
Kayliss is very into her "new" bicycle!
It belongs to Kaylene but she has now outgrown it.
So my parents told Kaylene to give it to Kayliss and she agreed as she'll be getting a bigger one for herself.
Kayliss is sooo excited and curious about it, always checking the bicycle out.
And one day, she surprised all of us when she cycled it on her own, without our help!!!!
So proud of my baby Kayliss.

My very late dinner.

Baby girl out in her pj to accompany me go fetch my mum.

Enjoying her company!!
This cutie rabbit!

My weekends!

Chilling at home....

Shopping at the mall...

And eating fast food :p

And supper-ing in the middle of the night.
I really wish I can eat without piling on weight.
But that's unrealistic.
So I should just eat, and then exercise and try to lose the weight.

And when my kids are awake, I just wish I can have some free time to do my own things, and eat.
But when they are asleep, and I have all the time to myself,
I feel soooo alone.
Very contradicting.

My morning drink.

Posing posey!

Didn't stay out for long as Kayliss got sting on her eyelid by an stupid insect.
And also, it's not easy to handle her by myself.
She's super hyper!!
Just 2 hours out and I felt like I went for a 30 mins run.
S W E A T.

My dinner for the night.
And I finished every single one of it.