Saturday, 5 September 2015

Well-spent day with my dearest son.

Friday :)

Left the house by 4 pm as we need to go get this clumsy boy's student concession card!

Love you :)

Sometimes, I still can't believe that this boy of mine is growing up so fast.
Almost towering me.
 When he's a little boy, I wish he could grow up faster so it wouldn't be so tiring for me to take care of him.
He was such a hyper active boy!
I remembered I always pulled his ears cos he's so mischievous haha!
He still is, but not that un-manageable now la.

Now that he's really growing up, like a big boy...
I kinda wish time will pass by slower so I can enjoy the time where I can still hug and kiss him every day and night.
I think he'll be like "NO MUMMY!" when I try to do that in just another 1-2 years time
Always feel so emotional just thinking about that.... 

While waiting for the bus....also must selfie!!

Kayson listening to songs while I listened to mine.

After a walk to the Samung store while he told me all about the new Samsung note 5 and Samsung S6,
We finally went to get his new student concession card done.
Told him he wasted my $18 (x4) for all the renewing of cards and I will deduct from his allowance.

Was craving for this since Thurs..
Luckily the Q was really short :) 

My big boy....

We then went down to Plaza Sing as Kayson needed to attend his piano class to practice before taking his piano test on coming Tues.

I know that Kayson will not be scoring very well for the Grade 3 piano exam.
Because he was supposed to take his exam in March, but sadly, he fractured both his wrists on the 2nd day after school reopened in Jan.
And since then,
he rested for awhile, and after finally going back to play on the piano...
He didn't seem to put his heart into playing.
Be it studies, or playing the piano.
All I can do was to encourage him.. even though I was so upset and mad.
I mean,
kids will not fully understand what we're doing is for their own good.
Just like I never appreciated my mum for all that she has done for me, 
until I've my own kids.
No point of me getting mad and then making him upset too.
He will just not wanna confide in me anymore.
I have learnt it through the hard way.

When it comes to dealing with children,
PATIENCE is what we needed.
When we listen, they listen to us too.
Of course there will be times when kids wanna do things their own way, because just like us,
they have emotions and mood.
It's tough to have us as parents to let our kids a fall and get hurt.
But sometimes, kids just have to learn it the hard way.
Their own way.
When they try, we encourage.
When they fall, we hug and tell the it's ok..
And then try again.....
 No perfect way to be a wonderful parent,
except being there for them whenever they need you.
Your presence will definitely win over the presents.
Trust me :)

Love my boy soooo much!!

45 mins in class,

= 45 mins of waiting

Ending this post...
with the cheeky pie in the bath tub.


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