Sunday, 20 September 2015


As it's the holiday for Teachers Day...
Kids were home with me :)

Kaylene woke up and requested for Hotcakes Meal!

I love how sweet this girl is....
After she's done with her breakfast, she went to fry an egg for me!
(with the supervision of my helper.)

I always thank God for blessing me with my kids.
I can't cook for nuts. 
I am not willing to step into kitchen and make myself all oily and smelly... and for those who do, 

And God bless me with kids who will cook and bake for me
Even though, the food is not as good as expected....
It's always the thought that counts!

Even when it's resting day..
Kaylene wanna get her homework done!
Which I'm not complaining of course!!
She has her own time set for what she wanna do.
If she wants to watch videos, and I want her to get some work done.
She'll NOT DO IT.
Even when she did, she did it unwillingly.
So I will try to go along to her time, and not making her go along with mine.
UNLESS I'm busy la.

She has been wanting a MAC BOOK.
But her daddy said she's too young to own something so expensive.
So this is what she did...
too cute la...

Anyway, she asked if she can have one MAC BOOK for her birthday present....
But she has asked me for many other things for her birthday present and I told her she can only get ONE.
And she has to choose wisely.
So until now, she has yet to come out with the ultimate gift she wants for her birthday.

She requested to do drawing...

On the L is hers. On the R is mine.
I can't draw.. haha!
So agar agar la!

Love my girls!!
Even though their noise level is x200 when they play/fight together.

Out we went to PS,
As Kayson has been COMPLAINING about his iPhone6....
And since it's still under warranty. I got to bring him to go see if there's anything it can be done.

Still can't believe my son is 12 this year!

We waited for almost an hour... and the problem was, Kayson went to DL this new software which is not fully launched yet.
Thus, his phone became unstable.
He is always trying out things, be it in his life, his gadgets....
And who has to help him with his "mess"?
me lor..

But what to do,
this is what a MOTHER does.

I want my son to be adventurous, but I hate it when he made mistakes.
And then I forget, 
nobody is perfect.
I have to admit I have a very fast and hot temper.
I say hurtful things when I'm MAD.
And then regret it after that

I hope my kids know... 
No matter what happen, I love them always!!

Shopping time...
And, my girls, all excited and happy....

And this is what Kaylene chose.
And I pay
Before we went to shop, I'll tell my kids we'll not do any shopping and just look around
But I always end up buying things for them.
My bad.
I know the feeling of wanting something and then not being able to have it.
I grow up feeling like that.
It's not a nice feeling and I do not want my kids to feel this way.
Whatever I can afford, I will give my kids what they want.
When things are too ex,
I'll explain to them that I can't afford and, thankfully, they listened.
I never have them crying and screaming at the shop for things they can't get.
Maybe they don't understand.
But they can see, mummy bought them things with what I can afford.
When I had only $200/ month in the past, I'd spend 8/8 of it for their things and food, and then share the food with them.
As in eat what they can't finish, not eat what they're eating.
But I never see it as anything tough
( my situation of TOUGH was having to manage Kayson, and then carry Kaylene, alone with no helper. Psychically, it was TOUGH!)
, because then,
my kids were happy.
And so were I 

It's always your mentality when under situations you can't control.
I know my priority is my kids.
So majority or most of my $$ go to them.
Nothing much to complain unless I want to spend on myself.
But what that amt of  money then, you know it'll be meant for the kids FIRST, and then the remaining for you.
Life is definitely better now
Can't ask for more!!!

: MUMMY!!!!!

I was outside the shop looking at Kayson, looking at a man for more than a few seconds..

So I went in and checked on him,
and he told me that man drew on the gadget and the drawing was awesome!!
I wanna take photo of it but the man was still around us...
so yea.

Peppa Pig candies from Mark & Spencer are so yummy!!

Love my big baby boy
Not a baby anymore though.

After getting his food, he accompanied Kaylene to go get drinks for all of us :)
My kids are not loving all the time.
Most of the time, they'll be quarreling and fighting over the stupidest smallest things.
But when I need them for their help, they'll be like the PERFECT DUO.

His dinner.

very act..

Our dinner.
And Kayliss cute lil baby hand.

my BOY!!

While waiting for my helper as she went to get drinks for us
Settled my kids at home and I went to the temple to look for my parents.

She's such a cute lil girl :)

She's so patient and such a nice jie jie to be around with.
Kayliss had a fun time playing with her..

Ending this post with this.....
Tissue paper  with the cutest packaging from SASA



  1. kayson looks so mature :) i tot his older than me XD im 13 :) kayson so naise, u r so blessed :) kayliss and kaylene are so cute <3

  2. Thank you for your kind comments :)
    Ya, Kayson looks older than his age. haha!