Friday, 4 September 2015

Sweet Day :)

L O V E waking up to my children :)

Kayliss loves going to the piano to "play" and then "sing" at the same time...
She'll call out to me and wants me to sing, while she does the same too. haha! 
So cute!!

Kayson lost his student concession card >.< 
This is the 4th time he lost it....
I was sooo angry but I don't wanna react badly to it since I have come to terms that boys will be boys,
at least for mine.
He is so clumsy and not organised, at all!!
He has lost his student concession cards a few occasions and each time, we got to go down to specific location ( not near our place ) to get it done.
Got to take public transport, carry my chubby Kaylene, with his birth cert and passport size photo with him wearing the school uniform.
So got to bring him to take photos first
( I feel so tired just saying about the procedure.)
He has also lost his Swensens' child card and his library card.....
Not to mention, he lost his wallet just few days ago.
Each time I trust him, he has make me lose my mind.

He told me to trust him with the card as he wanna start taking the public bus home,..
So yea... he was going great.
Until he lost it, again!
Seeing that I'm angry, he went to get his passport size photos done the next day as we need to go get the student concession card by Fri,
( he needed to stay home to study Chinese as he's taking Chinese test on Fri )
as he's taking his Piano Grade 3 exam & he needs his student concession card.
Really lor.. This boy of mine, gives me heart attack almost all the time.

At least he has the HEART,
to buy me my fav POH PIAO before coming home...
As much as I'm angry,
I appreciate every thing my kids do for me :)

Kaylene, my sweetie pie,
made me sandwich!!!

This is sooo cute!!
I'm cutting out on eating bread, so I told her I'll only eat the cheese she put in between it :)

And Kayson baked a cake with raisins and almond.
*thumbs up*
I can't be more thankful for my kids.
They can be a handful and headache, but I know all of that are freaking worth it,
because I see how much my kids appreciate me

I am not perfect, I don't think I am good at all.
But my kids make me feel like I can be someone least appreciate me for all the things I've been doing for them.

Thank you God.


Just random.....
Bought these Meiji choco baby chocolates for my 2 elder Kays and they love it!!

And I saw this L A Girls lip glazed.
The color is so pretty!!!

But sadly, it doesn't appear that pretty on my lips as I've pretty dry lips :(

Sucks when I buy a lip product and it don't work well on my lips.

Specs to protect my eyes from all the watching of the screens of tablets and laptop.
Gd night!!

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