Monday, 21 September 2015


Breakfast before anything else....
I realized,
the curry sauce makes or breaks the prata la.
After eating pratas and the curry sauce from Prata Wala, I think all the other pratas I've tasted taste sooo bleak

Out we went to DBS Arts Centre!

To watch the play :
The Cat in the Hat .

Based on Dr. Seuss's all time Fav book,
The Cat in The Hat, is the latest play produced by SRT's The Little Company.
I love the play as it's really entertaining with not a single dull moment during the 35 mins play.
I find the play short enough for the short attention span toddlers/children.
It kept my girls entertained, even my Kayliss sat through the play :)

For more details

Thank you @singaporerepertorytheatre for having us :)

It was such a Hot day!!

Kids played at the bouncy castle area while waiting for their daddy to come pick us up!

Late lunch with Kayson :)

I had a really great Sunday even though we spent half a day out, and half a day simply resting!


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