Saturday, 5 September 2015


Woke up to this....
Kaylene did this specs which looks like the one Sadness ( from the movie Inside Out ) wore,,

She said she wanted to buy one but decided that she can actually do one on her own.

This is how Kayliss watch Tv at home
At age 2 years coming 4 months,
she is sooo curious about everything around her.
Touching things, climbing up and down, imitating our actions and words...
Basically keeping us real busy!!
Sometimes, I get so exhausted just looking at her walk and run around.

Kaylene made me snacks for my tea time..

Last minute practicing!

Need to get some stuffs done and my 2 elder Kays decided to keep me company, by keeping themselves busy with the video-ing.

Out we went to Mr. 's friend's birthday party!
I'm always excited as there's B U F F E T.
I love food!!!
My fringe is getting long again,
and as usual...
complementing if I should grow it out, or cut it shorter.
But I know I will just cut my fringe on my own if I couldn't stand it.

Kayliss calls other baby "bear bear".
freaking adorable. 

Both my girls are occupied with their own stuffs.

And Kaylene is always excited for the cake cutting session because she can't wait to eat the cake.

After a fulfilling meal out,
settled the girls at home before I went to my sis's place to CHILL
So happy that my sis has got her own place and I can just hang out with her at her place..
Even though she will CHASE me out of her place when she feels like it.

I think the last time I touched alcohol was like 2-3 years back.
I didn't touch any ever since I got pregnant with Kayliss.
and imagine me drinking only tea/soft drinks when people around me are all drinking red wine/alcohol at a wedding dinner.
By the way, I attended quite a few wedding dinners throughout these few years.>.<

I'm still breastfeeding though.
Just don't feed within 2-3 hours after consuming the alcohol la!!

H A P P Y!!!
Many times in life, I let things get to me easily.
Not like I seriously care about it, it's just... I do care.
I hate feeling emotional because I don't like the feeling of appearing like I'm WEAK.
I used to cry so much in the past.
Now, I wanna cry also can't.
Maybe my tears duct dried up.
Anyway, those stuffs ain't that important to me la.
I mean... the most important thing in life is to be healthy, wake up alive, do things which will make me happy, be nice & kind, and eat right..
Even though I wanna eat unhealthy many times a day.

Sat night..
And I'm off to watch Youtube videos and TVB dramas!!

Night all xoxo

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