Monday, 7 September 2015

Off to J B Malaysia!

Letter from my dearest Kaylene which brightens up my day and night :)

I love it when my kids love me by showing how much they appreciate me...
I know I'm not perfect, I got to say it cos I really am not.
Just like my kids, I am learning everyday.
To be a better person, and especially a better mum to my 3 kids.
Thank you Kaylene for loving me even though many times I behave like a crazy B*itch.

I finally get to see him after so many months....
My aunt always uploads his photos at her FB and he's such a cutie!!

Just like in the photos, he's such a HAPPY baby!!
always smiling !!

Kayliss was acting all shy as she doesn't get to interact with kids younger than her..
Usually it's her and her elder kor kor and jie jie.

Since the kids were still awake, we headed out to have supper.
LOK LOK!!!!!

I have only been to MSIA JB twice for this...
And I don't get to really enjoy my session there.
But this time, I enjoyed it alot.

Food was great & company was great too

And I tried this beer!
Really nice!


Left back home after eating and Kayliss, was still full of energy!!
She has never sat in a walker before and she got so excited to sit in one..

My beautiful aunt :)

These 2 are so cute together.

Never had a pacifier before..
and wanna try.
Kayliss was having a great time playing with Maeson's toys and playing with him :)

The next day!
We headed out to have lunch and did some shopping...

Cute cakes!!!

Settled for JAP food for lunch.

Happy Pie :)


The drink was supposed to be mine..
Oh well..

I was really disciplined to not touch the rice.

Kayliss was really well behaved and finished her bowl of rice & fish, by herself

After filling our tummy with good food,
I had to go DAISO after knowing there is once..
go Msia also must go DAISO.

Even thought the store is not very big,
it has quite alot of stuffs!
I spent RM 100+ on all the items I got.

Some of the items I got.
(almost all items are PINK in color )


Kayliss was really having FUN !

Exhausted after 2-3 hours in the mall.
And we headed back home to rest..
The best thing about breastfeeding is,
I can just latch at any location!
I do not have to worry about the washing of milk bottles and the fear of milk turning bad if not consumed within the time limit.
But at the same time, breastfeeding is exhausting..
Kayliss is still waking up throughout the night to latch.
So there are the pros and cons....

K O otw home.

Her nap time don't last long..
She usually doesn't take naps as she can sleep to a full 12 hours ( waking up in between to latch ), and then I put her down for bed at around 10-11pm.

While watching the kids play,
enjoying the milk tea my uncle bought..
Tea was good.
But so sad that there's no more pearls left so it was replaced by aloe vera.
But better than nothing :)

Kayliss ah...

He is such a cute baby!!
Always smiling... I think I didn't see him cry other than the time of him wanting milk.
And his eyes.. so mesmerizing...
Super cute!!!!
Gonna miss him sooo much :(

Ended my night with this Lychee champagne ....

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