Monday, 28 September 2015

Last Day in JB.

As we stayed up til pretty late, we woke up at ard 10am....
Which is considered late for us since we wake up at around 6 plus on a daily basis. excluding weekends la.
We usually wake up ard 7 plus for weekends.

My uncle went out to do something and also, got breakfast for us!

We had nothing much to do in the house, so the girls played while waiting.

And my breakfast.
So sinfully good!!!

Just chilling at home before we went out to shop.

Wearing the new color lens I bought from the optical shop at Msia.
Rm70 for a box of 3 months lens.

Finally get of the house and the girls were more excited about shopping than me!

Kaylene and her new tee :)

Didn't take any more photos at the mall as we were all busy walking and looking after the kids.

And before we know it, it's time for dinner.

My uncle brought us to a stall selling yummy noodles.
And it was really good!!

Kaylene, who is a very picky eater,
enjoyed her bowl of noodles :)

My happy helper :)


We didn't stayed out for long as the weather wasn't that good.
It was quite hazy too.
So we went back home, and ordered Pizza again.

Happiest of us all.

Even in Msia, we have to order Mcdelivery.

And donut before we ended the night.

Had to wake up really early as I needed to be back to cast my vote.

Even though the trip to Jb was short, it was pretty good and relaxing.
Because we didn't have to rush here and there, and we get to walk and shop at our own pace.
The downside was the haze was quite bad there. 
Thus, we either stayed indoor or just went to the mall.
But nonetheless, I had a good time with my girls, my helper, and my uncle's family :)

More to come I hope!


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