Friday, 18 September 2015

Kaylene's dental visit at KKH.

Have been trying to put Kayliss to bed at a earlier time because she is starting school next year,
and since she's attending morning session,
which is 8-11am.
She has to be up early.
So my plan is to put her to bed at around 8-9pm, and then wake her up at ard 7am to prepare for school.
Her sleeping time now is around 11pm
 ( sometimes it can be as late as 2am, if she fell asleep at ard 6-7pm. ), 
and she'll sleep at the way till 11am, 12noon,
I tried to wake her up a few times at a earlier time, around 9-10am.
She obviously wasn't having it. 
And then she took a nap at around 4-5pm, and then be awake til 3am.
I am also thinking of weaning her since she's currently still being breastfed, and still wakes up in between the night for feeds.
But failed miserably as she sleeps with me and it's so hard for me to see her cry...
So yea.
Have to wait for awhile more...
Hopefully, my plan will works 
*keeping my fingers cross*

Before going to bed.....
Kayliss and the cute lil teddy.
Should I say poor little teddy.. haha!

Kayliss had so much fun with it.
She kept putting it in between the wall and the frame of the bed.
And held on to its arm and talked to it..
Can't remember what time she went to bed.
Been feeling sooo tired that I haven't been keeping track of the time she went to bed.

The 1st thing she did after she woke up is to go to her pram,
wanting to go out!!

Gotta feed her and bath her before we can head out!
But first, my breakfast :)

I bought this fast absorbing water towel from Daiso and it fits Kayliss perfectly.

I rarely use the pram because Kayliss doesn't like to be on her pram for most part.
So it'll be like,
having to chase after her, while pushing the pram, and lugging the heavy diaper bag.
But I decided to just head out with the pram, and let her enjoyed the ride with her fav iPod.
I also have the baby sling in the pram, just in case if she doesn't want the pram anymore.

This Kayliss ah, very smart.
I had the nursing cover over her while indoor and she pulled it off...
But once we are outdoor with the sun shining brightly,she immediately wants the cover on the pram, covering her.

A long walk to KKH!!

Kaylene was already there, waiting for us :)

I had the helper and her took a cab from their location while I took a train with Kayliss.

While waiting for her turn at the Dental.

And snacking while waiting.

The reason why we were there is because Kaylene needed braces for her lower set of teeth.
The school dentist told us to bring her to the dentist to see what can be done as they can't do it for her in school.

I wanted Kaylene to be checked by the dentist Kayliss is seeing currently seeing.
I even booked an appointment, but only to realized that she's not in on that day.
But no one informed me
Even if it's a last minute thing, I think it's just polite to at least let me know.
Since we were already there, just got to go with this dentist.
Who I think is not too bad.
Patient, nice and quite firm.
But she is going on maternity leave in Nov, which means she can't follow Kaylene til she's done with her braces, and I got to change to another dentist.
So it's either I change to seeing Dr Oh, or continue with her.
Hate having to pay for expensive consultation fees la.
I remember seeing a private dentist
( because there is always a long waiting list at the public hospital )
 when Kaylene's adult front teeth took a long time to grow, and we got to pay $300+ for everything.
Really expensive to see a dentist.
Since I've paid to see this dentist already...
And not to mention, Kaylene will be charged as private patient.
So yah.

Kaylene was obviously nervous and scared, but did a great job by being really brave and allowed the dentist to do her job.

Kayliss enjoying herself...

Cute sticker given by the dental nurse!

Kaylene gotta get X-ray done too!

We waited awhile for the X-ray report to be out, and then to be informed she needed to do another X-ray. Because the first X-ray didn't fully show her set of teeth,

And since we're already there,
Kaylene got her teeth cleaned too....

And the bill for today,

By the time we were done at the dental clinic, it's already 5 plus.
Kaylene requested for fruit tart prior to her dental appointment, but I told her we'll get it after she's done.
And since she behaved during the session, her request is being fulfilled :)

She saw the last blueberry tart available, and said she wanna get it for her grandma!!
(just like the last time at United Sq)
There was one customer before us and Kayliss was so damn cute to act like she's hugging the blueberry tart so that they won't buy it.
And her HOORAY dance when they didn't buy it.

This is how she eats the fruit tart.
Tart with no fruits.
Waste money ah this girl!!!

Kayliss having her meal by herself.
& clearly making a mess out of it...
I'm that paranoid mum who'll pick up every one of the rice each time she dropped it on the table, and clean her hand and mouth right after that.
I know it's just a process of her growing up, but I can't help it!

Long walk back to the station...

Kaylene was exhausted from a day out in school, and out about.

Got to do some groceries shopping before going home...


Kayliss LOVES bath time!!!

FULL OF ENERGY.............

Always fun to be out with my girls, but also, super exhausting!!
Kaylene always want my attention and Kayliss is always full of energy.
Many days, I'd prefer to just chill at home with my girls and just watch them play.
Bringing them out minus my energy level x100.

Good night!

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