Sunday, 20 September 2015

Kaylene "1st" haircut :)

Had an early start for our Sat!

As you can see... Kayliss loves Barney and friends!

OTW to town for our movie.

My baby boy... who is not BABY anymore...
Sob sob!

My 3 kids

Kayliss didn't watch the movie with us as the kids' grandmother bought the tickets in advanced and I forgot why I didn't include Kayliss's headcount.
But anyway,
she went shopping and ice-cream eating with sister Wati while waiting for us :)

The movie we watched!
It's a really nice movie!!!
All of us enjoyed it... though I fell aslp during a small part of the show.
A very tired me + a/c = place to nap!

By the time we were done with everything,
it's dinner time for the kids already!!

Kaylene's 1st haircut by the hairdresser 
( the only time she got her hair shaved botak by professional was when she's about 4 months old )

Kaylene's really LONG hair....

She didn't want to have her hair cut or trimmed throughout the years as she said all princesses have long hair. So she wants long hair too.
 I don't want to force her to cut just because I want her to have shorter hair length.
When I was younger, my mum forced me and my sis to have the same haircut.
SHORT & ugly.
Easier for her to manage us,but I HATED IT!!!!
So for my kids, as long as they can voice out their opinions, I will try to go along with it.

I trimmed Kaylene's hair on my own at the toilet in our house while Kayson will get his hair cut by the barber.
And my mum said Kaylene very poor thing as korkor cut his hair at salon while mei mei cut her hair in the toilet.

While having dinner, my mum asked her if she wants to cut her hair.
She actually agreed on the spot!
I told my mum she has back out on me twice when she agreed to cutting her hair but when we're at the hair salon, she said she doesn't want to.
So right after she said yes, we hurried to the salon.

Poor Kayliss has not much hair to cut la.


Just a TAD shorter,
but her hair looks sooo much healthier and easier to manage after the hair cut :)

She immediately wanna tie up her hair after the hair cut.

Vain Pot.
Just like mummy.. heehee!

Don't know what's wrong with her.
She decided to trim abit more of her hair on her own...

My cutie lil baby.....
Love her!!!


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