Saturday, 19 September 2015

Hanging out with Sis + New Diaper Bag!

Wanted to have an early night but Kayliss obviously didn't want to go along with my plan!

Found a new way to stuff my bag..

I think both of us went to bed around 2am?
Really lose track of the time as I was soo tired out by the time.... and I just zzzz.
Then woke up to my baby girl...

Making decisions..

It's so cute how she knows that she must go to her pram and be strapped in when I told her we're going out.
Not as if she used this pram often!

She knows where the car rides are at the shopping mall.
This is one of her fav. car ride!

Just like mummy, she loves shopping!

After making her tire out for abit, my sis and I went to have our lunch.
And the only way to let Kayliss sit for awhile without making lots of noise, is to on the iPad.

Our yummy lunch!!!

And we had to take turns to eat as Kayliss decided to be uncooperative!
As we were seated just beside an arcade.... and the car-rides.
Very hard for Kayliss to resist the temptation.

Finally willing to sit down and have her bread.

And then just following Kayliss around the mall.

Shopping at Kiddy Palace.
OBSESSED with Barney...

And I found this.....

Kayliss is super active!!
She doesn't want to be in her pram most of the time.....
I really fear when bringing her out!
I always say Kayson and Kaylene are naughty..
But Kayliss, is the naughtiest!!
GOD really gives me what I have been asking for. 
I always tell my mum that even with my helper, we both take care of her until headache.
And then she told me I MUST buy this!
I have seen parents using this, and just like many other curious people,
I wonder why would they need to do this to their own child?
I finally know the reason why!
It's better & most IMPORTANT to know that your child is SAFE! than how people look and judge!

We are going overseas in Dec.. so I might just buy this and just use it on her.
BUT, Kayliss kept removing the bag
Wanna use also cannot la.

My sis said I am very bad if I really buy this and use on Kayliss.

My main purpose of going to Kiddy Palace is to buy this baby wipe cover.
This is the best!!
 I don't know if you encounter this problem,
But I do, like the cover of the baby wipes don't stick anymore after a few uses, and then the remaining wipes in the wrapper dried up/not that wet anymore since it's not closed tightly.
Very waste money!!
Then one day, I was paying for something at Kiddy Palace and I saw this (in Pink color) on the counter.
Truthfully, I bought it because of how cute it looks.
Ribbon design, and in pink !
And it's less than $7.
Didn't expect to work la.. But it did!
I have been using it for sooo long as it still works :)

So I went to buy this for my aunt.
But only managed to find it in black color,
and another simple design in pink 

Just before I left,
I saw this..
I have only bought one to use for Kayliss, which is pink in colour and pretty much useless after I used it.
And prior to that,
I just bought a BIG bag, and just threw whatever I needed into it when with Kayson and Kaylene.
And then had a hard time finding things when I need it....

I don't know what got into me, and I SUDDENLY feel that I really NEED it! 
Every time we need something from the bag she's currently using, it will take awhile.
I need one which is functional and with the exact amount of pockets, (and not those small useless pockets which can't fit anything. but pockets which are functional!), sturdy, and one which is just plain looking which I can also carry.
The reason why I didn't buy any throughout the years because it's ex
( $100 plus for me then is EXPENSIVE ),
and I found the pockets of the bags which I've seen, useless, 
when that was one of the most important factors of me buying a diaper bag.
To make sure the things are slot into the pockets, nice and organised, clear for me to know where my things are being place and easy to take.
I haven't seen anything I like, until now.

Not too fanciful, but does it job!

The 2 huge pockets at the front of the bag.
Just nice for tissue papers and baby wipes.

A ring for us to put the charms and keys.
( But i prefer to put the keys in the zipper compartment )

2 side pockets, just nice for the water bottles.

Front zip,
It's big enough to place my phones, gadgets...

2nd zip
A smaller compartment and it's just nice for me to place my coin pouch, mirror and a lip balm ( or other stuffs that are smaller. )

3rd zip.
Spacious for all the things Kayliss need.
I especially love that it has 2 big pockets in the bag so I know I can just reach for the diapers and snacks without having to ransack the bag!

Smaller side pockets for the baby scissor.

the back pocket.
This has no zip, and it comes with a changing mat for us to use when we need to change the diaper of Kayliss when we're out.
I also placed smaller pacs of baby wipes.

This is also meant to use as a stroller bag.
BUT I think your pram will overturn if you placed so many things in your diaper bag and then put the bag on your stroller.

So I think it's better for you to carry it as a diaper bag
$109 for the one in black, and I didn't regret buying it at all!!
I brought this bag where-ever I went, even to Msia.
Carry baby with a sling and this as a bag.

So for mummies who are having a baby, or already have a baby under 4.
I highly recommend you get a diaper bag!
Really save you so much pekchek-ness when you need to get something and then you can't find it.....


I bought a new book for Kayliss to read and draw....
The cover page of the book looks so colorful.

My sis was vacuuming the floor, and Kayliss was made to stand there.

Sis left shortly after....
Always have a great time hanging out with her even though we do boring stuffs
It's the company that matters la!!

Feel so touched when my mum made me Salad,
when I casually told her I feel like eating it.

When I was growing up, my mum was never there.
She was busy working and making ends meet, and physically, she was never here for me & my sis.
I have no one to talk to,
and I always remember that whenever she's around,
she was either resting, or just being angry.
I never understand why.. until I was much older.
She has went through so much in life, and she did whatever she could for me and my sis.
We never have whatever we want, but we have whatever we NEED.
We have a roof over our head, we have food to eat and we have clothes to wear.
For that, I am thankful for my mum.
And maybe it's because my mum rarely fulfill our requests, or listen to us.
So when she does, I am ultra grateful and thankful.

I have spent year hating her and being un-forgiving.
But now, I want to spend my time loving her and take good care of her with what I can.
don't waste time hating.
It's useless and makes you sooo un-loving!

Don't look back, look forward.
God never fails :)


Kaylene came over with handmade gifts :)

She's my greatest gift in life.
I love her sooo much!!!

We ended the night with this book :)

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