Thursday, 10 September 2015

EVERSOFT 100% Organic Cleansing Products.

I’ve been on the search for a better alternative makeup remover recently as I don’t know what it is about but my skin has been acting up recently! Sadly, my current makeup remover is not doing its job. And worst, it dries my skin out : ( Because of how sensitive my skin is, I am not adventurous enough to try out other skin products. Until I received my parcel of EVERSOFT makeup removers and cleanser.

They’re here just in time for my sensitive skin! I am so excited to try all 3 of the EVERSOFT products. EVERSOFT uses 100% organic plant extracts in their products! We all know the benefits of going organic, be it the food we take, and the skin care we use. Especially for people who are prone to allergies, the symptoms lessen when they go organic. Besides trying to go organic on my food to have a stronger body, I got to give my skin more love too! I am always out and about, and my skin is being exposed to the harmful sun rays, dust and dirt environment, and also, sweat (since I work out on an almost daily basis). 

The 1st step to having healthy and good skin is to make sure your skin is well cleansed at the start, and by the end of the day. 

EVERSOFT Organic Mulberry Facial Cleanser

And what’s better than starting the day with a cleanser infused with 100% Organic Mulberry extract! As quoted from the EVERSOFT website > “Formulated with Japanese Technology, this gentle and soap-free formula is infused with 100% Organic Mulberry extract to effectively revitalise dull, tired-looking skin while boosting its natural radiance. It is also enriched with Hyaluronic Acid that preserves long-lasting hydration to continuously moisturise and soften skin.”

I love the consistency of the cleanser. It’s quite thick and it’s not too foamy! I don’t quite like cleansers that foams a lot as those usually dry out my skin! It took me a few tries to get used to using this cleanser as I normally use a cleanser with microbeads, and this doesn’t have it. I have this mentality that my skin is only thoroughly clean when I used a cleanser with microbeads. BUT what kept me wanting to continue using the EVERSOFT Organic Mulberry Facial Cleanser is because 

1) The consistency of the cleanser is thick, but not too thick for me to work it on my damp skin.
2) My skin looks really clean after cleansing, but don’t feel too dry.
3) And, it didn’t irritate my skin!!!

Not to mention, the scent is pretty nice too!!
It’s a MUST for me to use a makeup remover at the end of the day when there’s makeup on my skin. It’s so important to remove all of that on your skin because you don’t want to have makeup clogging your pores & breaking your skin out. That’s so not good to the skin at all. Especially when I have such sensitive skin…

Introducing the new EVERSOFT Makeup Removers! 

EVERSOFT 100% Organic Pure Olive Cleansing Oil 

Formulated to thoroughly remove and clean heavy and waterproof makeup, and yet gentle on the skin as the Organic olive oil moisturizes and softens skin. I don’t usually wear heavy makeup, thus I have it tested out on my hand.

On the back of my hand, I have waterproof eyeliner, concealer and eyeshadow. 

One pump of the EVERSOFT 100% Organic Olive Cleansing Oil on the makeup, and I left it on for probably a few more seconds before I swirled it to get the make up thouroughly removed from my hand then wiped it off and tada….

My cleaned hand. And as a cleansing oil, It did not leave an oily film on my skin. Which I like! You can also use it even when you don’t have any makeup on, or with light makeup on, just for cleansing purpose. I think it’ll be good cleanser for people with dry skin as it’s moisturising!

Another plus point for me is the clasp! For the past week, I've been travelling back and forth between Singapore and Malaysia and for people who travel,  they'll know the hassle of product spilling out of the bottles...

But the clasp on the EVERSOFT cleansing products makes it so much easier for me to travel!! I don’t have to worry about it spilling and getting messy! Another reason for me to bring it where ever I can,  to make sure my skin is all clean after a long day out :)

EVERSOFT 100% Organic Cucumber Cleansing Jelly

This jelly is formulated for people who uses light/daily makeup, like me : ) The organic cucumber extract soothes and cools skin, and also relieves puffiness around the eyes area. 

On my skin, I had on concealer, pressed powder, and I got my eyebrows tinted with eyebrow mascara. My daily makeup!

I find that the EVERSOFT 100% Organic Cucumber Cleansing Jelly has a slightly thicker consistency than the cleansing oil. Which I prefer.

I had 2 pumps of the cleansing jelly and I applied it straight to my dry skin and massaged gently.

Making sure to have the eyebrow mascaras on my eyebrows removed.

Since I have eyelash extentions on, I didn’t want to ruin my eyelashes. Thus, I didn’t touch my upper eyelids, except at the outer corner of my eyes and my under eyes.

I like that I can feel the cleansing jelly on my face while I am removing the makeup since the consistency of this is abit thicker.

Just rinse off with water and then use your normal routine cleanser to wash your face : )

I really love how my skin felt right after cleansing. It looked supple and not drying at all!  Just to put it out there! My skin is not perfect. I do have scars from the previous break outs, and there’s still some minor breakouts.. 

But it looked pretty good right after using the EVERSOFT 100% Organic Cucumber Cleansing Jelly : )

Surprised by how well EVERSOFT products work on my skin!

I usually have to use a separate eyes makeup remover to remove my eye makeup. But with this EVERSOFT 100% Organic Cucumber Cleansing Jelly , I can just use it to remove my entire eyes and face makeup! Very convenient and a time saver, perfect for a busy mum like me. And the bonus is, it’s very gentle on my skin. After cleansing, my skin didn’t feel dry at all. Instead, it felt supple and moisturised : ) 

Side note : Both EVERSOFT 100% Organic Pure Olive Cleansing Oil & EVERSOFT 100% Organic Cucumber Cleansing Jelly has a fragrance to it, and both smells mild. It didn’t bother me too much since it did a great job at removing the make up! The products are also free of alcohol, mineral oil and colorant!

For more information about the EVERSOFT products, you can go over to EVERSOFT FB Page > . 

If you wish to remove makeup effectively, take part in EVERSOFT’s giveaway! You can win a bottle of the Cucumber Cleansing Jelly (80ml) !! Taking part is super easy:

1. Like the EVERSOFT Singapore Facebook Page
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That’s it! 


Thank you EVERSOFT for the 100% Organic Cucumber Cleansing Jelly and Pure Olive Cleansing Oil  : )

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