Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Beauty In The Pot.

Beauty In The Pot @ 1KM
Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 430013
6702 2542

Before we left our house...
Kayliss, the little monkey. haha!

Go GAI GAI le!!

Took a GrabCar!
3rd time using GrabTaxi Grabcar and still satisfied with it.
The cars are clean, drivers was friendly and the route to my destination was smooth.
Plesant experiences :)

Back to our dinner at Beauty In The Pot.
I reached there at 3pm and realised it's closed til 5pm.
My friend who called earlier to make reservation said it wasn't allowed ( only to clarify after we reached that reservation was not allowed as it was full house then. )
So you definitely can make reservation unless it's already full house.

We went to have some snacks before going back at 5 pm for the dinner

I look like BLEAK but the girls are so fun to hang out with !!!

And the food..
Esp the soup.... is the bomb!!!!!

The soup is very flavorful and thick... yet not too salty!

The sauce I "created" 
& somehow all taste the same.


Selfies before all the food came to the table!

Food was served pretty fast and service was good too!!

Just have to mention that the soup is soooo good...
that even Kayliss, who is a picky eater, loves it too!!

Use spoon too slow liao!
So must drink directly from bowl..

I don't take alot of meat except fish & chicken breast!
So I can't say much about that.
The food we ordered all tasted good and fresh :)
But I especially love the soup.....

I personally prefer this than HDL.
Soup taste much better, ambiance is better too :)
Though service wise, I think they are on par.

Will definitely head back there again!

Before we left, 

Hope to hang out with the ladies very soon too!!

And back home to my grumpy piggy.

And ended my night, just looking at this cheeky pie,

"Being alive is a blessing.. so treasure every moment!!"

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