Wednesday, 2 September 2015

3rd week of Aug.

19th Aug.

Gotta forgo my nap time as I need to bring Kayson to get his hair cut soon!
As the following day is his PSLE oral exam and his teacher informed us the very last minute
I don't think his hair is that long though.
But since it's needed, no choice lor!

This is how Kayliss is being sheltered from the Sun,
by the baby sling!

Since the mall is just 3 stops away, might as well just take a bus.
If not because it's hot, I think I'll just walk there.

Quietly clipped a tiny mini hairclip which used to belong to Kaylene on Kayliss's hair..
But she took it right off after seeing her reflection and realized the hairclip

Forever cannot sit still!!!

Helper went to get Kayson and Kayliss since they walked to the mall to meet us from school.
And I didn't know that Kayson's teachers gave him a big pile of files to bring home from school, and it's damn freaking heavy!!
It's like, having to handle 3 kids, carry Kayliss and then besides the kids' heavy bags, and files,
there's still a heavy bag of files...

I told Kayson to go wait for me at the eatery first with helper and Kaylene as I wanted the kids to eat first. before he gets his hair cut while I was carrying Kayliss and some groceries bags.
I couldn't find them and worst,
the connection was damn weak and I couldn't reach them.
super bad mood already by then.
So I quickly walked around and found them at the $10 hair-cut salon.
I was so worried and angry cos it's not right to not inform me if you're not going to stay at the confirmed location.
Like, even if there's no space, you could have just wait there for me.
Anyway... he got his hair cut and it looked good!

Not bad ah....

NO car, too many things to carry for bus, so we got a taxi...
So HOT,,,,,,,,,,

My big boy helped us with the lunch.....


Out for dinner with my parents after settling the 2 elder Kays at home :)

My cheeky baby girl.

Our yummy dinner.
I don't take pork so I only had the Mee Sua & salted veg.
The soup is soo good!!

Got sushi for Kayliss and she's enjoying it while we enjoyed our food!

Kayliss went to my mum's place while I went to get my toe nails done,
matchy match with my nails!

And while going hm, I craved so badly for Mcdonalds vanilla ice cream!
So yeah ^^

Back home to my dearest boy.
Short and clean finger-nails,

Neatly ironed Sch uniform.

His current school shoes are really beyond damaged.

So while I was out, I bought him an exact new pair.

20th Aug.

PSLE oral exam....
I think I was more nervous than Kayson.

And then few hours, he came home with Starbucks!!

He even ordered the Starbucks secret drink. haha!
 But none for me :( sob sob!!!

Baby girl wanan play dolling up session with me...
So yippee :)
Videos are up at my Instagram,
if you're interested *wink.

Shopkins play time! 

Didn't want the kids to be indoor all the time,
so out we went to the playground!!

 Kayliss is always soooo excited to see the playground!!
"MAMA" she shouted.

Since I wanna go to gym but can't.
I might as well make use of the work out facility at the playground..
But these really cannot be compared to the equipment in the gym.

So good to have my kids with me, outdoors and enjoying themselves :)

Mummy sayang :)

Kayson wasn't feeling the swing because he had a bad fall 2 years back from the swing...
I still remember vividly what happened and it was sooo scary as I saw it happened right infront of me but I can't helped him :(
But anyway, he was so cute!
He told me to push slowly as he's afraid, but he can't stop laughing.

Little adventurer. 

Always nice to have a doting elder sibling who will take care of you :)

And always remember to drink lots of water after all the running and playing!!

21st Aug.

Kayliss current fav sports.
Have to play right after she woke up.. haha!

After Kayliss got changed, this was how she watched the TV.
She always make me laugh!

And Kayson made me coffee bun while I was doing my workout :)

After I was done with my workout, I came down to this.
Kayson made a bed with the box for Kayliss.
And she was obviously enjoying it.

Out for dinner with my handsome date :)

Wanted to bring Kayson to have Hai Di Lao but the Q was horribly LONG.

Dinner at Hot Tomato and surprisingly,
the food are delicious!

22 Aug.

Kayliss out in her PJ once again!

I usually drive Kayson for class while Kayliss is still in bed,
but this time, she woke up just when I was about to go out.
So got to bring her along.

She knows she has to get into her car seat :)

Kaylene requested for hotcakes from Mcdonalds so I bought it for her,
and Kayliss gotta have a share too!

Enjoying her breakfast :)

While I enjoyed mine.
 But eat not full at all.
Portion too small for a big eater like me!

otw to her ballet class!

Mad rush Sat, rushing here and there to send and pick the kids,
to a baby girl 1st year old party.....
I managed to sneak off to meet my sis for dinner :)

yummy dessert before I left to meet my sis! 

Out with my new bag!!
Love it, though I don't think I suit it.

Town with sis. helper and Kayliss.

Kayson was with his grandma,
and Kaylene went to her aunt's place to play.
So I got to enjoy with my sis :)

Dinner at DTF..
One of my fav place to dine!

 Food was great though service was not that good..
But the company is the most important.
Glad to be spending the sat evening with my sis :)

Shopping at F21..
 I really love the hat but didn't get it.
I know I won't wear it out.. LOL
Only for photos.

Posing with my baby girl :)

Walking, like a bosssss!


23rd Aug.

Spend my day pasting the stickers on my new phone case.

And Kaylene used the remaining stickers to do this.... 
tooo cute!!!

Once again, the Baker is doing his magic.. 

2 different coffee buns and both taste good :)
Though it's abit too hard of a texture.... 

New shoes :)

Messy hair, but it's ok!!
My hair has its own mood. LOL

I find this sooo soooo cute!!
The color and the shape of the hat... matches Kayliss almost perfectly, like she's botak!

Shopaholic, just like her mummy :p 

Dinner time finally!

Great dinner and great company :)

And lastly, the photo of my delicious food.

To me,
time passes by soooo quickly as my life is sooooo busy!
Even with helper, I sometimes feel like I can't cope
But I will look at my kids and be reminded that I am already very blessed.
There is nothing more that I wish for my kids to be healthy and happy.
So I cannot ask for more.

"Always go to bed with a contented heart..."

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