Wednesday, 16 September 2015

1st Day of Sept.

1st Day of Sept!!

Out to have pratas.... :)

Kayliss's just wake up look.
How I prepare for my day.
Is to wake up earlier than my baby, prepare all the things that I needed ( just in case I fell asleep )and place them on the table,
prepare myself and than pack up all the things into the bag,
clean up the mess before I go wake my baby up,
feed her before changing her.
And out the house we go.
Of course there'll be days I wanna sleep more and baby decided to wake up earlier than me.
But I will just make sure I get all the things needed for her ready before going to bed.
So there wont be so much of a panic attack when we need to head out.

Just like me,
Kayliss loves BREAD :)

PRATA WALA for lunch :)
I really love the pratas and fish curry from PRATA WALA!!

Yes... Kayliss loves to watch cartoons.

She had a small share of the prata too!

Usually, we'll stay around Nex to do some shopping.
But we need to go back home to my 2 elder babies, as we need to rush to Plaza Sing after Kayson is home from school.

Kayliss's unhapppy face
I think she wanna shop more.
Luckily we left the mall earlier... 
Traffic jam at close to 2 pm!

Took a bus home and we got the front row seats.
Though it was scorching HOT, we got a good view.
My 2 elder kids love the front row seats in the bus!
Everytime we take a bus, if possible, they'll want to sit at the front row seats in the bus...

obviously don't care about it, except wanting her iPod.

First thing I got from Kayson after I got home :)
He bought drink and snack for me from school!!!

Now that he's older, he doesn't need me that much as before.
Technically, he's very independent now.
He's also spending more time with his grandma thus I feel he doesn't love me as much as before,
He used to always buy food for me from school after he ended school, 
like packet MEE SIAM ( cos he knows is one of my fav. food ) for me :)
But for this year, he is sooo busy with many stuffs... so yeah, he didn't packet any food from school for me.
Anyway, I appreciate him for all that he has done for me.
Love him always!

Doing a great job as an elder brother to Kayliss!!
Though he's very busy haha!

These two duo are always sooo cute!!

Otw to Plaza sing.

My double eyelid sticker decided to be on its own that day

Kaylene complained that her fringe is getting longer BUT she didn't want to get them trimmed leh.

Kayson went to take his PIANO GRADE 3 EXAM !!!!
Parents will forever be more nervous when their kids are taking examination.
At least for me la..
We have some time to spare while waiting for him....

Kaylene brought her wallet out to pay for the things she wanna buy.
It's so cute that Kaylene will bring her wallet out to pay for the things she wanna buy..
& then ask me for money..

Late luinch at HK cafe.

With kids around...
difficult to take a nice pic of just the food alone.

We had a really fulfilling meal!!!
But one of the staff there... Really makes me cringes.
I think it's just common sense to NOT serve the food, especially HOT SOUP, at the area where the kids are seated at.
I always make sure my kids sit together so when the waiter/waitress who is serving the dishes, they can just serve at our side without risking the chances to scald and hurt the kids.
There was once, this young waitress accidentally spilled the cup of HOT TEA on Kaylene.. OMG!!!
Thankfully she was wearing long pants and she was fine.
From then now, I became even more cautious about the server serving FOOD.. to just avoid serving them above the heads my children, and other children.
this waitress walked towards my 2 elder Kays with 2 bowls of hot soup, and tried to serve the soup in between my 2 elder Kays.
( as you can see from the photo above, they are seated opposite from where I am sitting.)
Before I can react, Kayson suddenly stood up as he wanna take the food and the waitress nearly spilled the soup onto him!!!
She spilled the soup on the table la.
Instead of apologizing, the waitress actually showed how pissed off she is by TSKING.
( HELLO, I'm the mother of my kids and I didn't even show you my anger!), and walked off without even saying anything.
I looked at my kids and my kids looked at me, all 3 of us still stunned from her action.
The manager who saw what happened, quickly came over and apologized.......
I just told her that my kids are fine, so it's ok..
But in my heart, I was fuming mad.
I cannot imagine the consequence IF the soup is being spilled onto my kids, or other kids.
Of course, I reminded Kayson that he has to LOOK before he decided to stand up, because it's so dangerous la!!
Think liao also scare.... 

Daiso shopping because Kaylene wanna get some stuffs to make goodie bags for her teachers for Teachers Day.
After shopping for the bags,
I told her we can get sweets for her teachers and she chose the bottles herself :)

We quickly got the goodie bags done up before Kaylene went for her piano class...


Happy her, happy kids, happy me!!!

Really my boss!!

Went to get groceries before going home!!

And while walking home, I had this craving to eat Kway Chap.
So I went to order, and had my food at the hawker ( usually I'll packet home if I am alone with Kayliss, but Kway Chap packet liao, not nice one!! )...
While Kayliss sat in her pram and waited for me..
In my heart, I was so afraid she'll suddenly scream and wanna get down of her pram while I was eating.
Thankfully, she behaved and waited for me to be done.....

This Kayliss is always so busy!!

Found this cutie bear which Kayson bought for my sis when we went to Taiwan 3 years back........
I miss those days when he's still a sweet lil boy.

3rd week of Sept le...
Lots of catching up to do,
But I am sooo hands on with Kayliss and all I wanna do is rest when she rests....
So bear with me...
If you are still here reading my blog,

 Good Night!

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