Tuesday, 1 September 2015

12-18th Aug.

My blog doesn't have a theme, or like a tittle to go with it....
I just blog according to my flow and to whatever I like and want.
So yea..
Thanks if you're still here viewing my blog..

12th Aug.

Kayson made me an Orange, Lemon and Honey juice....
And Kayliss was more excited than me :)

 And it tasted really good :)
Though abit too sweet to my liking.
But my son's thought... really sweet to the max!

As usual....
After my kids went to bed, I went to my mum's plc to just C H I L L....

Love the tee I got frm F21.
Tees are sooo comfy to be in!

13th Aug.

Kaylene came home from Sch, and a ROSE for me :)
For no occasion
 Love her for loving me :)

She didn't score too well for her Chinese compo writing so we gotta bucked up.
Actually is her. but mummy's duty is to look at her while she reads/study....

Got a new phone casing and I LIKE IT sooo much!!

But the only thing is it doesn't cover to the front screen of the phone, which means it'll be very prone to having the screen cracked if it drops

Love shopping at COTTON ON for spag tops and denim shorts!

Whenever at NEX,
it's either DTF or PRATA WALA for meal time.

Kayliss enjoyed eating the Nasi too!

Love that my helper is much like a friend to me

& I bought this pretty pair of earrings :)
 I'm a EARRINGS kind of person.
I have soooo many pairs of earrings that sometimes I asked myself why... why do I still buy when I have sooo many pairs already.


14 Aug.

I like to eat my Macaroni this way.
Fried with tomato sauce and egg :)
Craved for this right after I'm up from bed and my helper cooked it for me...
The way I wanted!!

All done and prepared to be out of the house!

All excited to be out to the Airport :)
Yayaya, I repeat my outfit and I'm almost always decked in BLACK.

Helper took this photo and I realized, I look so fierce when I don't smile..
And my son is 3/4 of my height already!!

My 3 active rascals :)

Love them soooo much!!

Her big brother, and I hope best friends forever :)

Pasta Mania for early dinner.
& one of the rare moments that my 2 elder kids are not quarreling.
 & I really enjoyed moments like this....

Kids will be kids.
Like any human beings, they have emotions and there are days they do not wanna cooperate and just want to do their own things.
And yes, my kids will quarrel and fight.
I did not portray them to be PERFECT in any of my social media platforms.
Just because I don't show that side of them don't mean I wanna LIE about them being oh so perfect.
Like I know I am not perfect
I like to gossip when I'm with my friends,
I like to know what my friends are doing in life and I wanna be happy with them, and be angry for them if things don't go well for them.
I like to laugh out loud when I am happy, I like to shout when I am angry.
But do I need to put all that out there at my social media platforms just because I have them?
because I can choose what I want to be put out at MY social media platforms.
You do you, I do me.
There are still a portion of ME which I wanna keep it private, within my means.
I apologize if my words hurt people who I really didn't it intentionally,
I sincerely am.
For people who are here, still supporting me and love me for who I am..
I truly am.
For people who don't.. it's ok...
No hatred or anything.

Life is too precious to waste time hating or bearing grudges.
So S M I L E 

back to food!

And Kaylene went home with her new teddy :)

15 Aug.

Good girl!!

Soupy food will be tasteless without red chilli+soya sauce.

While waiting for Kayliss to be done bathing, so selfie!!

Kayliss can't wait to go out ... haha!

Thank God for car seat :)

and she is so cute in her Minnie Mouse sandals.

Went to pick Kaylene up from her ballet class :)

And this is how my girl watched videos with the Ipod.


A Gf's Birthday dinner with a group of peeps.
Food I ordered to share with my helper and girls :)

Kaylene and her love for cheesecake.
She had to get one even though there's a birthday cake to eat for after the dinner.


Before leaving for home.

16th Aug.

Out to get my nails done ( Like finally!! ) on a Sunday morning :)

Had my nails rested for a good 2-3 weeks as I have a bad habit of peeling off my gelish and ended up hurting my nail bed :(
It hurts more than I imagined.
Anyway, my nails finally grew and I finally can get my nails done!

 I seriously love my new set of gelish :)
 Thank you Fiona!!

Back home to my girls :)

Kayliss just hate having anything on her hair. 

Kaylene off to her swimming class...

Kayson's knees were hurting thus he got to rest at home.
These 2... BBBFF :)

After settling the 2 elder Kays at home,
I went  to get groceries for the next few days.
With Kayliss with me, this is how I can do my groceries shopping in peace.
Thank God she behaved and I bought what was needed! yeah :)

17th Aug.

Kids stress, mummy also stress...

By the time the kids were done with what was needed to be done,
I went to gym for just awhile while my sis helped me with my 2 girls :)

Kayliss is sooo cheeky as usual. LOL

Big packet small packet.
Even with helper.
When my helper carries Kayliss, I carry the bag.
Same for me when I'm carrying Kayliss.

Had a great evening with my sister :)
Always so thankful that I am blessed with a sister because she is one of my strongest pillar of support.
Can't imagine life without her.
Mei, Love you!!!

18th Aug.

Glammed up my ez-link card card holder :)

Before heading out to get a new set of eyelash extensions :)

At Private Room Sg :) ( Sponsored )

As usual,
Kate did a great job with my eyelash extensions :)
Thank you for always giving me beautiful eyes!

And shopping time with my baby girl :)
Top: Tris Mendeuz ( Sponored )
Bottom : Shorts from Cotton On
Shoes : Sandals from Charles and Keith
Bag : 7th.July
 Love spag top which are made of good quality, yet is not sheer.
Perfect for the hot sunny Sg weather :)

Try to act cool..
But failed.

 S M I L E

My girl doing her thing at F21.

OOTD via mirror.

 Had dinner before we headed home.

And Kayliss was super excited to eat the G popcorn!!!


We had time to spare so we took a bus home!
And the first thing I did after we reached home,
was to use this Velcro hair curler!

I have naturally flat hair , and I wanted some volume to my fringe.

After prob 20 mins,

Surprised that it actually worked.
 But the volume didn't stayed for too long.
Which I think is normal since I didn't use a hair spray to set it.
But nonetheless,it's a good buy!

And while the kids were having their piano class,
I had to go Daiso to shop!!
I used to go crazy at DAISO as the things there cost only $2 each!
Like even when you have nothing that you have in mind to buy, you'll still buy one or two stuffs.
cos it's only $2.
at least for me la..
I actually wasn't that into DAISO after realizing that I always anyhow buy and ended up not really using the stuffs,
until I joined the DAISO fb page.
Members there will recommend which items are worth buying and which snacks are nice..
And I got sucked into buying things from Daiso again.
But wiser this time.

Nice snack...

Got myself a lock for gym!

& my fav double eyelid stickers at the moment :)
 Didn't got much this time but I go there pretty much once a week.
So I have many chances of buying more stuffs there.

Kaylene wants me to be here customer at her beauty salon.
Got my hair " straightened."

and toe nails " painted " by her.

So fun to have baby girl :)

And I think Kayliss was bored waiting for us..

Already 6am!!

Have a great day all!!!

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