Monday, 28 September 2015

Last Day in JB.

As we stayed up til pretty late, we woke up at ard 10am....
Which is considered late for us since we wake up at around 6 plus on a daily basis. excluding weekends la.
We usually wake up ard 7 plus for weekends.

My uncle went out to do something and also, got breakfast for us!

We had nothing much to do in the house, so the girls played while waiting.

And my breakfast.
So sinfully good!!!

Just chilling at home before we went out to shop.

Wearing the new color lens I bought from the optical shop at Msia.
Rm70 for a box of 3 months lens.

Finally get of the house and the girls were more excited about shopping than me!

Kaylene and her new tee :)

Didn't take any more photos at the mall as we were all busy walking and looking after the kids.

And before we know it, it's time for dinner.

My uncle brought us to a stall selling yummy noodles.
And it was really good!!

Kaylene, who is a very picky eater,
enjoyed her bowl of noodles :)

My happy helper :)


We didn't stayed out for long as the weather wasn't that good.
It was quite hazy too.
So we went back home, and ordered Pizza again.

Happiest of us all.

Even in Msia, we have to order Mcdelivery.

And donut before we ended the night.

Had to wake up really early as I needed to be back to cast my vote.

Even though the trip to Jb was short, it was pretty good and relaxing.
Because we didn't have to rush here and there, and we get to walk and shop at our own pace.
The downside was the haze was quite bad there. 
Thus, we either stayed indoor or just went to the mall.
But nonetheless, I had a good time with my girls, my helper, and my uncle's family :)

More to come I hope!


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Trip to Jb Day 1-3 :)

To Jb to find my aunt Apple and baby Maeson!!

Kayliss was sooo into the walker.. haha!
I didn't buy any for her as there're steps in our house and can be quite dangerous..

Always sooo loved by my Uncle and his family :)

Late lunch here.

Always a joy to hang out with them :)

Kayliss kept saying Maeson is "bear bear" 
She's usually with kids who are older than her...
So I think she's very curious about Maeson.

Nice drink!

Kaylene & her fringe..
I told her she can either comb it back to the left, or just clip all the fringe up.
But she wants it to be like this.
Really make me LOL.

Our food :)

Kayliss tried to feed Maeson.. heehee

Thankful to have my helper with me.. Helping me with my kids :)

We had a great lunch and went back home to rest...

Maeson is sooo cute !!!

Because of how discipline and tidy Kaylene is, it makes it easier for me, and us to travel.
I told her we got to go Msia for a few days, just packed what she needed and I'll pack her clothes for her.
And out we went.
After we reached our destination,
she'll arranged her things neatly, and then packed it back into her bag when we left the house.

Love you Kaylene!!

As for Kayliss, 
I only need to bring her necessities since I'm still breastfeeding her,
And I can go without worrying about washing of bottles and making of milk.
Sooooo convenient!!! 
As I breastfeed as we go :)
With nursing cover on of course!
As much as I know I can go without the nursing cover, I got to respect others too.
Besides, my girl prefers to have nursing cover on when she latches.

Enjoying the bubbletea my uncle bought for us :)

Chilling while waiting ....

And it's time for us to have dinner!!!

A huge cup of watermelon juice!

Hello Maeson!

Food :)

Kayliss enjoying the fried rice!

There's a short pasam malam and we did abit of shopping there.

Didn't stay out for long as I need to put the kids to bed...

So fun to see Kayliss and Maeson interacting.
Maeson is afraid of Kayliss as she had accidentally stepped on his hand while she was jumping on the bed. But at the same time, he wants to play with her.

And after all that playing,
Kayliss willingly went to bed!

Day 2
To Giant.

Kayliss just wake up look = bad mood look!!!

Kayliss was sleeping..

Lunch here!

Maeson is sooo sooo cute!!

He's the 1st baby that I've seen with watery eyes...
Mesmerizing la! 

Our meal.

Because Kaylene was so nice to give her yakult to Kayliss, 
and weirdly, the shop didn't allow us to purchase ONE yakult from them ( the yakult came with the kids set meal ),
 I ordered Root beer float for her :)

Playing time.

And shopping time!

Headed back to sg in the late afternoon as my uncle had something on...

Kaylene, while trying to tie her hair...
She can now tie her hair on her own :)

The first thing she did after we reached home ,
revising her school work.

Helper cooked dinner as I wanna eat home-cooked food after eating out for many days..

And Kayliss.......
Backside itchy.

Day 3
Woke up early to prepare as we were heading back to JB :)

Kaylene and her trolley bag :)

But first, we went to pick my uncle up as he left his car with me....

Kaylene and my aunt Apple :)

Kaylene took photos of Maeson, she is in love with him too :)



So sad there is none for S6.

Kaylene wanna get her weight and height taken by the machine, even in Msia.

Kaylene bought a new phone case!

and here's mine :)

We had a great time snacking and shopping in the mall.
I love it there as it's not crowded.. heehee
I hate it when a mall is full of people.
Got to squeeze with the crowd and got to Q and wait....

Anyway, after all that walking,
it's time for dinner :)

The food is great!!!!

Kaylene didn't eat much though, I think because it was not to her liking!!

She was still hungry and my uncle told me there's delivery for DOMINO's pizza.
And so he ordered for her....

She must be really hungry because she ate 4 pieces ( out of 6 ) all at once!!
But it's also because, the pizza tasted really good.
I prefer pizzas with thin crust!

Kayliss knocked out since dinner....

And of course, decided to wake up when it's time for us to sleep.
I knocked out shortly after as I was too tired.
But as always, woke up every 2-3 hours to latch her.
I don't know why she can't sleep through the night >.<
I have tried to let her sleep with my helper and she just slept through the night until 7am for her next feed..
But I don't want her to sleep with my helper UNLESS I am not around.
So yea.
NOT COMPLAINING, just venting.
After all, I love my kids too much and I can't be more thankful to be blessed with them