Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Sunday with mum :) 1st Aug.

Been veryyyyy long since I last spent time with my mum, alone.
Without my kids...
Usually, my kids are with me almost all the time, no matter where I go.
Anyway, I went to bed early and woke up real early.
Headed out to meet my mum for breakfast, and helped my sis to shop for her wedding stuffs.

My top kinda blend in with the curtains in my mum's room.

Love my mum :)

My breakfast!!!
Sooo oily, but sooo good!

Helped my sis to buy the stuffs for her wedding as she needed to be home to prepare for her flight.
Life of a FA, always flying.
& since I am free, I can help to drive my mum around to get the stuffs needed.

I didn't know there is sooooo much stuffs needed for the wedding as I do not have one myself...
Feel so happy for my sis, 
going to step into the next phase in her life!!
Hope she'll have a MINI-her ( or MINI-mark ) very soon...

Headed home after a early and busy morning,
to this cutie pie..

And to a baby full month party...

Totally like a BOY!!!
Stayed awhile, enjoyed the food before going to pick Kayson up.

Kayliss enjoyed  herself at Toys R us!!!

She is sooo active.... sooo active!!

always going to check out the phones/gadgets!

Been quite a while since we last had cupcakes.
Cupcakes for my 2 elder kids.

Sunday = Swimming class.
And they went to swim....

After settling the kids at home,
I went to have dinner with my mum :)

 Back to BOTHER her.. hahahahaha!!!
 She always says I am crazy....
Because sometimes, I drive back to her place at 10pm just to spend time with her for about an hour, and then go back home.
I love her soooo much!!!
As I grow older, especially after becoming a mother myself,
I can put myself in her position and understand how it was like for her to take care of me and my sister,
and love her more for all that she has done for us.
Yes, she is NOT perfect in my eyes because I hated her when I was growing up.
She was so fierce and I felt so suffocated under her care, that I became rebellious the moment I have some freedom.
But I love her so much now,
for loving me and my sis the way she thought is good for us,
and took us along with her no matter how tough life was for her then.
Just like her then, I am now learning along this journey as a mother to my 3 kids.
It's not easy!!
That's why I am even more thankful and appreciative to my mum.....
Love you mum!!!

*** really loves the wet tissues from Watsons, esp this one.
It's very moist, and smells really nice!!
But I can't find it in Sg, so my uncle got it for me in Msia.

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