Thursday, 27 August 2015

Just Thursday... 6th Aug.

My 2 elder Kays had their National Day Celebration on this day!

Kayson need to wear his BB uniform as he was receiving the Gold Badge for his final year in Primary school.

So emotional for me to see this...
It's like.
Kayson is going to be moving on to Secondary school in just a few months' time..
.... like WHAT?!
I cannot believe he is growing up sooooo fast!!
Always treasure your time with your kids..
They will not slow down for you!!

Kaylene received the SG50 lego set from School.


It's time to spend some time with Kayliss!

Playing badminton this time!
& Kayliss looks like a pro with all these actions. 

Love spending time with my kids because they make me laugh, almost every moment!
Looking just like a BOY.

Out on a cold rainy day!
I rarely carry small bags!
Cos when I go out, I like to carry whatever I think I need!
Anyway, my sis got this Balenciaga inspired bag online and gave it to me.
Freaking cheap too!
& I like it :)
I almost forgot how good it is to be out without a heavy bag!

I feel pressurized bringing my bags which are expensive, when I'm out with my kids.
Will heartpain one if accidentally kana scratch lor.
So I try to bring only when I feel like I'm in a good mood and will not be affected if my bag kana hit, scratched, kicked.

Selfies before heading out.

Now that Kayliss is older, I decided it is ok to take public transport with her along.
She's different from my 2 elder Kays.
I can bring my 2 elder Kays to take public transport when they were younger, and had no problems with that.
Even now they are older..
But Kayliss... is just different.
And with that, I'm afraid that she might hurt herself.
So it's best to travel in taxis/cars...
But I guess now that she is older, and able to obey to some of our instructions.
I can start training her.
Besides, she is going to start school next year.
I am not going to let her take the school bus!
If I've no car, I will bring her to school with the help of my helper :)

Wanna take OOTD.
But you see my Kayliss...

Kayliss :......
Just like mummy!
Face black when not smiling!

Breastfeeding on the go!!!

Here... my OOTD :)

Just resting...
& as always, Kayliss can't sit still and my helper was busy running after her.

And then we took a train!

Having dinner with the Gfs and I had ample time to spare since I was early,
we went shopping.
I love shopping at Cotton On for basic wear.

LOL at this Kayliss.
Always so busy! haha

I really love my outfit.
Top : Black tee from Zara
Shorts : Army green shorts from Cotton On
Jacket : random shop at FEP
Shoes : Sneakers from H&M
I repeat my outfit cos I'm not rich la!
And I like to be casual since I'm always with my kids.


Dinner time!

Only took photo of this..
Don't feel right to have people waiting for me to snap photos of the food.. unless they also wanna snap photos of the food too.

And then,
I fell sick the next day.
The weather was soooo cold ( for me la ) as it has been drizzling almost the whole day.
And this Kayliss,
who rejected wearing the jacket, was running around the house, all good and healthy!
I wanna think that it must be because she is still being breastfed,
Weaning is tougher than I thought it will be.
I do not wanna force it, so I'm still waiting for Kayliss to give me the Que.

Both my elder Kays are NOT breastfeed more than a month and they are healthy too.
*keeping my fingers cross*
So you do you.
Don't come being offended that I kept saying that I'm breastfeeding Kayliss because I really still am still breastfeeding her.
Whether the kids are being breastfeed, or not,
we as parents will know that whatever parenting style it is, we will not harm our kids.
So you do you..... as long as you're happy and your kids are happy!
Peace ^^

Have a great day all

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