Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hair Pampering Session at Air Salon :)

My hair was in need of a new color!
So I headed down to Air Salon and got my hair done after 2 months since my last visit....
(I don't comb my hair at all, not at all! )

My fringe is growing too fast and I know I want a darker hair color.

2 Handy Road, #03-17/18 The Cathay, 229233
6733 2340

Had my hair dyed and I had a very nice scalp treatment there-after.
I have very sensitive scalp and the scalp treatment helps alot in smoothing it..
Love the cooling sensation on my scalp while the treatment is doing its magic on my scalp.
Healthy scalp = healthy hair!
My egg shaped face, thick eyebrows and unsymmetrical face....
& it's ok :)

 And after 3 hours,
Had my fringe trimmed shorter.
Actually, I wanted to just let my fringe grow longer but Vin said he will just trim it for me,
just in case I go and cut my hair myself in the middle of the night, just because I am bored.
Just like what I did the last time.

my 2nd day hair!
Really love this haircut and color on me
Thank you Air Salon and Vin for making sure my tresses are in tip-top condition!!!!


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