Monday, 24 August 2015

Date with my Sis :) 5th August.

Stayed up late because I was craving for this!
The corn snack from Daiso. & I got to put my kids to bed first before I can eat it.

I've recently joined the Daiso Fanatics SG group and the members there will upload photos of products they think are worth recommending..
which is so nice and helpful :)
Which also means, nothing to buy also must buy something there.
And the mentality of " only $2! can buy la!:

Out to meet my sis on this hot sunny day!!

on the bus!

Now that Kayliss is older and can listen to our instructions better, I think we can start taking public transport more often.

She always give me this look when I told her to take selfie of herself.

My happy pie :)

Want me to sayang her leg.
Often. she'll come to me going
"mama, mama..." and then wants me to sayang her. Be it her hands, her legs, her tummy or her back.. haha.
too cute!!

New buy from Tracyeinny

Nex with my sis!

I still remember hanging out at this mall with my 2 elder Kays when they're slightly younger..
When the mall was just newly built then.
I'd have to take a bus to the mall, and then take a train to my mum's plc.
There's a straight bus from my place to my mum's plc but the journey is almost 45mins long,
where-as taking another bus no & then a train takes only 30 mins!
And I'd also want my kids to walk more rather than just sitting in the bus...
So yea,
it was tough then.
Just me and my kids.
Lots of walking and carrying ( of Kaylene. )
But my helpful parents met me at Nex, we had dinner and do some shopping before we head home..
Tough, but always sweet memories!
it's all good now!

While waiting for my sis...

No matter how much I tried to tie Kayliss's hair, or put on a hairband for her,
it'll be removd by her the very next moment.

And because of that, plus the fact that she kinda look more like a boy,
people tend to ask me if she's a BOY.
I'm not offended at all la.
When people don't know, they ask.
And it's normal :)
I don't take it too hard.

When there's comments about me....
If it's the truth, I accept and move on.
If it's not, I don't let it get to me.
No need to argue or anything, because it's simply not worth the time :)
I love spending my life happily with my family!

Such a cute packaging.
But only 5 or 6 white rabbits sweets in the box :/
Not worth the money at all.
But cute packaging la... always get suck into cute packaging. haha!

Time to get new shoes for Kayliss....

Shoes shopping for Kayliss :)

And I'm very proud of Kayliss!
She can now wear shoes on her own :)
I didn't really try to teach her or anything. I just make her sit down and wear her shoes for her before we leave the house everytime.
So I think she just look and learn....
Love you Kayliss!

 Fried Chicken Biryani
The chicken is tooo try :/

And PRATAssss for our late lunch!
No photos of the pratas as we were all starving and devour the pratas right after it's being served. 
After eating = happy me!
I get very bad mood swings very easily, especially when I'm hungry.

The lighting at H&M fitting is superb.
I used to not try on clothes before buying because, I aint no time for that.
With 2 kids and just me alone. 
How to try ah?
Seriously salute to all mums, especially those with no helpers.
I went through that stage and I totally can relate to it man.
Don't say try on clothes, wanna eat also difficult...
I seriously don't remember how I used to eat alone with my 2 kids :/
But it's good not to remember all that.
We need to only remember happy moments in life~!

With my lovely sis before we head home!

She bought me a shorts and it fit perfectly on my wide hips butt.
I merely mentioned that I need to get a pair of denim shorts ( Even though I have TONS of them at home! ) and I can't seem to find the perfect colour and fit.
And she came back from overseas with this for me
In life, we just need that someone who listens to us when we speak, and do little things which will make us smile.
Be it your sis, your best friends, your partner.
Always be thankful if you have one who cares.
I've always say that no one is obligated to treat us good and right. NO ONE.
So when they do, please be grateful and appreciative.

At night,I went back to help my sis with her moving into her new place!!
This Kayliss very busy.

I feel sooooo happy for my sis...
Having her own place, and getting married in Sept...
Stepping into the next phase in her life.
Just the thought of that makes me cry.
I hope she'd stay happy and blissful always :)

Love you Mei!

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