Sunday, 9 August 2015

Build-A-Bear :)

It's the 9th August today!!
Which is the 50th Birthday of Singapore :)
Super proud to be a Singaporean, and so blessed to be born and raised in this country.
Multi-racial country where we live in harmony, safe to be able to head out at any time of the day, and receiving bilingual education,
I am also thankful that my 3 kids are born here too!
Always proud to be a Singaoporean!!!

Spending this day with my 3 kids at home, watching the National Day parade on the TV with my kids....
as the weather is sooo good to be cuddling at home.

And since I have time,
while my 3 kids are enjoying themselves at home on this public holiday,
I blog :)
We went to BUILD-A-BEAR few days back.
When it first launched in Sg, I told Kayson that I'll bring him there and get him a teddy....
But I never got down to it due to many reasons!
My bad!!
Anyway, I finally brought my kids down to Plaza Sing ( after their piano class ) and let the kids choose what they wanna build...

After choosing their bears,
it's time to start building them!!!
( Kayliss didn't get to do it as she is too young to know what exactly is happening. So she was looking around the shop and disturbing her korkor and jiejie. haha )

The kids will step on the paddle which will help to puff the stuffing into their bears!


Kayliss enjoying herself with all the stuffed toys.. haha!

So cute!
Kayliss loves dogs.... be it a real dog, or a stuffed toy dog..
I wish we can own a dog soon.
Not buy, but adopt!!

My happy Kayson!!!

It's now Kayson's turn!

He is very happy as he has waited for this for almost 4 years!! 

After their teddies are tuffed and sturdy,
it;s time to choose a HEART for them.

They need to say a "VOW"... 
to promise they will take care and love their teddies...
So cute!

And then, make a wish...

Kissing the HEARTS,

and stuff the HEARTs into the teddies.

And the staff then stitched their teddies up.... 

Next station,
to clean their teddies....

It's so cute to see my kids, so serious about doing something.

My son is 12, and he loves teddies.

There's even undies for the teddies.

Kaylene's turn!!

LOL at Kayson... heehee

After cleaning their teddies,
it's time to dress them!!

But 1st, they got to choose an outfit.

Outfit chosen,
it's time to dress them up!

While Kaylene was dolling up her doll, 
I turned to see this.....

 Many times, my kids will be fighting and quarreling over the stupidest stuffs.
But most days, my kids will take care of one another.
Kayson take cares of Kayliss, and Kayliss sayang Kaylene (middle child syndromes) .

Kaylene's teddy is so pretty :)

Kayson dressing up his teddy!

My happy kids and their finished products :)

After that, 
it's time to do a Birth-cert for their babies :)

and tada!!!!

My kids had a fun time there!
Told my kids they will have to take turns as I wanna take photos for them ( so they can look back in future ) and it'll be easier for me to manage and look after them!
I'm glad that day was a good day as they behaved.
Thank god my helper is back (YEAH) and helped me with Kayliss.....
Them behaving means less scolding and thus,
happy them!
Also, happy me :)
Can't wait for Kayliss to be older and I'll definitely bring her there to choose and build a bear for herself 

Have a great day all!!

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