Friday, 28 August 2015

8th August with my dearest Family.

Spending the Eve of National Day with my family :)

Really love this photo :)
Kayliss put her hand over Kayson's neck.. so cute!
Love my 3 babies all so much!

Bought identical dresses for my 2 girls :)

I remember my mum used to dress my sis & I the same.
But I think my girls are ok with it la..
As Kaylene is very choosy when it comes to her apparels!
If you realized, from the photos I've posted, Kaylene is always wearing the same few dresses.
Not because I did not buy other dresses and apparels for her, but because she doesn't want to wear them!!
It's a headache to buy apparels for her 
I remember when she's a little girl, she wore different outfits almost every day!
(when in prenursery til k2, there's no school u for the school she used to study in. )
Anyway, I do not wanna force her to wear apparels she's not comfortable in.
As long as she is happy, I just let her be...

While waiting for my parents...
My helper took this photo. haha
Totally cropped me and my 2 elder Kays oout.
Cos Kayliss is smiling at the camera. (which she usually won't.)

Kayliss's hair is finally growing!
But at a snail speed
& she hated it when I tried to tie her hair.
I even went to buy those tiny rubber bands to tie her fine hair, but she pulled them out the second she feel/ saw them on her head.
Even hair clips,
So no choice lor..
Gotta remain looking BOY-ish 
until her hair is longer, until she allows me to tie her hair.
Savoring the yummy ice-cream!

 Always happy to have my kids spending time with my parents.

This 5....
my dearest always!

I'm thankful to have loving parents who love me, and my kids so much!
My parents had to go for gowns and suit fitting for my sis's weddding.
So while they do, we just waited around.

Left after all that jazz.

And we head to Bugis to have dinner.

I had a great time with my parents and sis!!
We didn't do much except window shopping, and quick dinner since we have kids with us.
But I always enjoy the company of my family.
Sometimes, just chilling with them at home, makes my day.
Can't imagine life without them!

Blessed to have them & I love them always!!!

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