Wednesday, 19 August 2015

3rd August Mon.

Woke up earlier than my usual nap time to meet my mum :)
Bag : 7thJuly
Bangle : Hermes
Top & Denim : F21
Flats : Charles & Keith

Kaylene'e hair is soooo long~
Kaylene went straight to bath after reaching home from school, had a quick lunch and we hurried out to the temple to meet my mum as she wants Kaylene to be the God-daughter of Guan Yin.

Kaylene looks sooo cute with the little red dot on her forehead.

The joy of having a daughter...
We can do dolling session at any time and anywhere.. haha!!

Kaylene has been tying her hair on her own :)
For most days, she insisted to tie them on her own.
She has such long hair and I am quite surprised that she is able to do so on her own.
She also knows how to tie braids.
Be it on her own hair, or my hair!

Not a perfect job, but it's ok!!!
Look at how happy she is... :)

I still can't believe I have a mini Me to keep me company....

Since it's only the both of us, we took the public transport
Kaylene is so goofy! She got all excited while waiting for the bus.

Guess who??

We went to have McDonalds for lunch and Kaylene wants this Hello Kitty teddy!


Kaylene has a LOVE for cheesecake!!
She actually wanted to buy the cake before having her lunch.
But I told her she gotta have her meal first and she complied.
So she got what she asked for 

She got sooo excited to see this latte art,,,,,
Hello Kitty.

The staff at McDonalds also came to distribute this... soo cute!!

Of course, she can't finished the big piece of Cheesecake,
so Mummy had to share it with her.
( that's why Mummy can't slim down. LOL )
And look at what she did to the cheesecake. haha~

Cute Minion..
Always get sucked into cute packaging!!
Really enjoyed spending time with just Kaylene.
She is usually tired out from school, and wanna stay home after school.
Except for one of the weekdays where we have to head out for piano class, she just wanna stay home for the rest of the days.
And not to mention she goes to bed rather early, as early as 7pm!
By the time we're done revising with her school work/school homework, she wants to go play the piano, scoot skater and then watch abit of TV, 
(haha! Even busier than me.....) and then she goes to bed.
But it is better these days as she goes to bed ard 8-9pm. 
So I get to talk to her more and read a storybook for her before she goes to bed.

After lunch and some light shopping, it's time for us to head to town to meet up with Kayson and Kayliss.

Not wasting any time,
Kaylene revised her spelling for the upcoming spelling test on the train.

Kaylene can't wait to watch this movie!!

In town with my 3 cheeky rascals....
Gotta thanks my helper for helping me with them too :)

A photo before going to the movie 1965 with the GC family :)
All 3 of us enjoyed the movie!
Especially my 2 elder Kays who got triggered by the movie to want to know more about Singapore in the 60s..
They went home and pestered their ah ma about what it is like for her to be living in Singapore then.
I always tell my kids,
 that we are so blessed to be born and raised in Singapore.
And we must be thankful that we have a great leader, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who pushed Singapore to a First World Country!!
We are now enjoying the fruits of his labour.. and we mustn't take that for granted.

Late dinner after sending the kids home!

So peaceful to eat without the kids :)

and then back home,
to this relaxing baby girl!

Ended my night with this delicious chicken satays...
( I was craving for it but I was so damn full to eat it at Newton hawker, so I da bao home! heehee )

"The contented heart sees beauty in everything..."

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