Wednesday, 12 August 2015

1st August 2015.

my busiest day of the week!

 We had breakfast first before Kaylene went for her ballet class.
She requested for hotcakes from Mcdonalds :)

Kaylene needed new ballet shoes and so we went early for her to try and buy.

The cute ballerinas :)

Gotta pick Kayson up from class first, before heading back to pick Kaylene...
This loving Duo..

Love teachers who genuinely care for her students :) 

Went home as the kids need to have their lunch...

and Kayson made this for me.

I still had durians left from few days back. 
and so he made it for me....

House-warming party and Kaylene made herself cosy!

Didn't stayed for long and we headed home,
Made a prompt decision to bring the kids to swim!!
Kayson wanna stay home and accompany his grandma so he didn't follow.

I wasn't feeling too well thus I didn't go into the pool...
My 2 girls having fun!!!
( forgot my DSLR -.-, thus the blurry photos )

Kaylene teaching Kayliss how to kick, how to swim :)

It's also Kayliss's 1st time on her float...

Her 2nd time in the pool.
The last time we went to the pool, she was holding on to me all the time.
This time,she had so much fun on her float, and swimming with Kaylene.
So much fun that she didn't wanna leave the pool.
my cutie pie :)

The girls got to play for about 30-40 mins, and we headed off to have our dinner.

Very sinful dinner.

Love weekends, spending time with my kids even though it tire the heck out of me....

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